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Earth from space with blue line of the atmosphere showing and mottled cloud cover


Launching a craft into space is a huge technical achievement in its own right, but we aim higher. Each project is a bespoke collaboration with our clients, led by their unique marketing and creative objectives. 

From start-ups to the world’s biggest brands, Hollywood studios to indie artists, we’ve worked with clients of all shapes and sizes to create campaigns that capture the attention of millions. Check out some of our very best below.

625- Rick and morty.png
1 - Rick and morty.png

Hold on to your McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce packets: we recreated Rick’s ship and took him and Morty into space for real for the premiere of Season 5.


Rick & Morty Season 5 Premiere in space

2 - samsung.png

Filming the world's first 8K video in space for Samsung

We helped Samsung promote their cutting-edge 8K TVs by filming the first commercial 8K video in space, modifying a RED DSMC2 Helium to operate in one of the harshest environments known to mankind.

2 - samsung logo.png
3 - hyper x.png

Putting HyperX on the podium

We showcase the out-of-this-world quality of HyperX's Cloud Orbit S headphones, by taking streaming superstars on a launch day of a lifetime (and building a rotating display plinth to work in space!)

3 - hyperx.png
4 - 7-Eleven.png

To celebrate the brand’s 94th birthday, we launched a cola-flavoured beverage into space right from a storefront in Michigan, the USA’s most Slurpee-loving state.

4 - 7eleven.png

7-Eleven’s Slurpee delivery in space

5 - BBC eclipse.png

Using a unique camera setup, we launched during the eclipse to capture breathtaking footage for BBC's Earth from Space, as well as fundamental research data into the nature of our planet.

5 - BBC.png

Capturing a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse for the BBC

6 - sony kelivn jones.png

Sony Music Group and Kelvin Jones' viral music video

Practical effects and custom engineering brought Kelvin's dreamlike vision to life in a video to match the power of his breakout hit.

6 - Sony-Music-Logo.png
7 - Tic-Tac.png

Reaching out to aliens with the IntergalacTicTac

When declassified documents confirmed numerous sightings of a ‘Tic-Tac-shaped UFO’, Tic Tac sent one back, filled with Earth’s messages to our (supposed) extra-terrestrial visitors.

7 - Tic Tac.png
8 - BRAC space on earth.png

Finding #SpaceOnEarth for Rohingya Muslim refugees

How do you convey the plight of a refugee? By sharing children's heart-breaking accounts from the heart of the world's largest refugee camp.

8 - BRAC_logo.png
9 - eBay Disney.png

To infinity and beyond for eBay & Disney Pixar

We leveraged brand power, influencer reach and childhood nostalgia, all to raise money for charity.

9 - Disney.png
9 - ebay.png


10 - Barbie.JPG

Barbie & STEM Camp inspire future female astronauts

Launching from the centre of Toronto celebrated Barbie's 60 years as a role model proving to young girls that #youcanbeanything

10 - Barbie_Logo.png
11 - youtube.png

Trailer drop for YouTube Premium show Origin

To launch a flagship sci-fi horror show, we used CGI and 360° to create a futuristic trailer drop with a heads-up display and immersive viewing.

11 - yt_logo_mono_dark.png
12 - Sophie Mollins wedding dress.png

Making art out of heartbreak with Sophie Molins

With music from Oscar-winning composer Michael Nyman, we helped Sophie manifest her unique creative vision at the Venice Biennale

12 - Sophie Molins.png
13 - Pie.jpg

The pie seen around the world

Still our most viewed video to date, this humble pie caught the attention of hundreds of millions of people on behalf of the World Pie Eating Competition in late 2016.

13 - harrys-bar-logo-white.png
14 - Koven.png

KOVEN's mind-bending 360° EP release video

Nominated for Best Interactive Music Video at Austin Music Video Awards, cutting-edge 360° video and dynamic editing techniques set this film apart creatively.

14 - koven.png
15 - Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.png

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 put through its paces

We proved the Redmi Note 7 is truly capable of any adventure, using it to capture an entire space flight in glorious 12MP photos in the ultimate test of image quality and battery life.

15 - xiaomi-changes-logo.png
16 - Mooncard and Visa.png

Contactless anywhere with VISA

VISA and Mooncard make contactless business transactions a breeze—so easy, you can even tap and pay in space.

16 - Visa_Brandmark_White_RGB.png
17 - Iceland.png

Iceland’s space nugget

Celebrating the 94th birthday of the UK’s largest chicken nugget retailer by sending the humble breaded chunk to space.

17 - Iceland.png
18 - Moonshot.jpg

An award-winning gin collaboration: Moonshot

A moonshot that created a gin sensation: distilled with botanicals that have been into space and genuine moon rocks, this award-winning gin is now on shelves nationwide.

18 - That+Boutique-y+Gin+Company+Label+Logo.png
19 - Jamesons Burst.jpg

Jameson’s space-aged April Fool’s Day prank

We made headlines with Jameson when they announced the release of their new Space-Aged whiskey. Sadly, it was an April Fools prank!

19 - Jameson.png
20 - BBC4.png

You’re watching BBC Four

We recreated the iconic BBC Four logo as a dynamic lightbox, opening the curtains on it in space in true theatrical style.

20 - BBC_Four_logo_2021.png
21 - Blendjet2.png

Space smoothies with BlendJet’s truly portable blender

A world-first triumph of engineering, we blended the first smoothie in space to demonstrate that BlendJet really can make smoothies everywhere.

21 - BlendJet-2-logo.png
22 - Ben and jerrys.png

Space Force and Ben & Jerry’s put Boots on the Moooo’n

Celebrating Netflix’s comedy show Space Force, we teamed up with Ben & Jerry’s to put their companion ice cream Boots on the Moooo’n into space for the ultimate chill factor.

22 - ben-and-jerrys-logo-black-and-white.png
23 - Wonderland Comms.JPG

Heinz’s Martian-style tomato Ketchup

Heinz grew tomatoes under Martian climate conditions to explore the future of off-world agriculture; we showed off the resulting red sauce in space.

23 - Heinz.png
24 - Michael Buble.png

Taking Michael Bublé Higher

We made the aspirational title of Michael's new song Higher a reality by debuting the music video in space.

24 - MB logo white.png


“I’ve been waiting for an email like this my whole life. The closest I’ll ever get to space!”


Ben Cochran - Creative Lead for Origin

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