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Video Production

Filming in space, one of the most extreme environments known to man, ranks among the most difficult technical and creative challenges in video production. Among production companies, we’re the only operator in the world with the equipment, experience and legal permissions to reliably capture the most incredible hero shot possible: the Earth in space.

Alongside our unique talents for filming in space, we offer many of the functions you’d expect from a traditional video production company, including concept development, behind-the-scenes filming, mechanical and electronic prop-building, practical and digital VFX, 2D/3D animation and rendering, audio production, editing and post-processing.

Video shoot at space launch site at dawn with cinema camera on a tripod and Sent Into Space staff on set preparing to film a space launch


Share the inside story of an incredible space journey and maximise brand presence and relevance with our documentary-style behind-the-scenes videos—perfect for extending the lifespan of a campaign on social media.

Filming in space starts at ground level. We combine handheld, crane, drone, helicopter, balloon, satellite, ground-based and extraterrestrial telescope and CGI, seamlessly edited for stunning imagery from every altitude.

RED cinema camera in space on spacecraft with carbon fibre framework, camera monitor, thick bright yellow and green cabling, with Earth in the background


We specialise in modifying cutting-edge camera systems to capture the very best visuals on our flights and offer a huge range of recording setups for maximum flexibility relevant to your purposes.

  • Camera modification for extreme environment operations

  • Working with CVP, SIGMA and RED to access the very latest in camera systems

  • Timelapse and hyperlapse photography

Man wearing virtual reality (VR) headset interacting with head-up display (HUD) interface with hand with the Earth superimposed below

360° VIDEO & VR

360 and VR content lives at the bleeding edge of immersive technology. Our unique setup allows 5.6K 360° video capture throughout a spaceflight for the ultimate in versatile footage:

  • Hijack social media algorithms with 360° video content

  • Maximise user engagement through immersive VR environments

  • Ensure cross-platform relevance with traditional aspect ratio content, using virtual pan-tilt-roll techniques for awe-inspiring dynamic shots


Elevate your space footage with true-to-life VFX, complex 3D animation and rendering, stylish and on-brand 2D animations and motion graphics, and even upgrade your 360° footage with VR/AR inclusions.​

Black wood effect studio monitor speakers stacked next to each other with subwoofer cones and tweeters exposed


Play your viewer’s heartstrings and dictate their emotional relationship to your brand.

  • Original scoring and compositions

  • An enormous library of royalty-free backing tracks

  • Professional voiceover artists

  • Studio-quality audio production

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