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Panorama of the earth from space with mottled partial cloud cover, sea to the right, and land on the left


No two clients have the same needs, which is why every project we take on is tailored to you, with a range of services designed to meet any requirement.

Whether you’re a multinational marketing firm pitching a space launch to a world-famous client, a film production company looking to capture incredible imagery of the Earth from space for a documentary, or an engineering firm hoping to test your latest component, we’re here to help. 

Whatever your strengths, we’ll complement your existing capabilities throughout the development and execution of a launch campaign to make sure you get the incredible results you deserve.

Bottle of Jameson space-aged whiskey launched into space with uplighting from beneath


Put your brand in the spotlight against the greatest backdrop available: the Earth in space. We create end-to-end marketing campaigns which leverage the widespread appeal of space imagery to generate massive attention for your brand.

Our services are matched to your needs, whether you’re a small business looking for a full service creative agency, or an experienced marketing team in need of engineering support who can do the impossible and understand the challenges you face in the current media landscape.

We offer Hollywood-quality prop and model-making capabilitiesgraphic design and CGI services and a complete video production service package to create exactly the visuals you want, and can support with live activations to make a timely impact. Finally, we can document the entire launch process from behind-the-scenes, telling the story of this stunning creative and engineering feat to extend the lifespan of your campaign.

Our campaigns have secured hundreds of millions of views and international media coverage time and time again, so find out how we can help you grow your audience to stratospheric heights.

Space Advertising (Services)
Rigged Blackmagic camera and it’s operator on set at Sent Into Space headquarters


The sight of the Earth floating in space is an image with the power to affect everyone. Whatever your project, we can help you capture that image. We specialise in adapting professional cinematography equipment for the harsh extremes of Near Space, using our balloon satellites as the ultimate platform for shooting the Earth from above.

Format is no obstacle: we can shoot 60fps 8K with 300MB/s data transfer rate, film in 360 degrees for the ultimate in immersive viewing, or capture stills up to 50MP with incredible dynamic range. Our raw footage is supported with expert colour grading and post-production effects, including 2D/3D animation and CGI and original music and sound design from Oscar-winning composers.

Simply put, when it comes to capturing incredible imagery of the Earth and launching a balloon into space, we go above and beyond to get you the perfect shot.

Video Production (Services)
Aerial perspective of space launch site in the Nevada Desert with Sent Into Space launch pad


At the heart of almost every project we do, launching a balloon into space is the core of our service offering. We use lighter-than-air gas balloons to travel to the edge of space, over 100,000 feet above the planet’s surface, where the sky is black, the horizon is curved and the atmosphere is reduced to a mesmerising blue glow between the Earth and space. 

State-of-the-art climate simulation software and bespoke technology designed and manufactured in-house mean we can launch with complete confidence — in our unbeaten history of over 1000 flights, we’ve never lost a single craft.

From our remote launch sites in Northern Europe we can launch flights lasting up to a week and carry payloads up to 4000kg. Meanwhile, our unique relationship with international spaceports and airspace regulators means we can launch almost anywhere in the world and traverse thousands of miles of airspace to get the results you need. 

Our result is your reputation, which is why we’re the only company in the world with full insurance to conduct commercial space balloon launches. Whatever you want to send into space, we’ve got you covered.

Space Launch (Services)


Capture young imaginations and bring fun into the science classroom with a genuine space launch right from your school!


Aerospace and satellite component validation, atmospheric sampling, extreme environment endurance testing: our high altitude platform does it all.


For travellers, adventurers, explorers, a breathtaking final journey befitting a life well-lived.

Other Services (Services)
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