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Panoramic view of the Earth from space with speckled cloud cover and forest below


Sent Into Space Intro

Sent Into Space is the world's leading provider of commercial Near Space launches. Founded in Sheffield in 2011, Sent Into Space has conducted over 1000 flights to the upper stratosphere, combining cutting-edge aerospace engineering with video production and marketing expertise create incredible campaigns.

Sent Into Space’s work includes global marketing stunts, space cinematography for documentary and cinema, scientific research, aerospace research and development, educational projects and even ash scattering memorial services. Licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and with full public liability insurance, they are unrivalled in their launch record.

As your partners, we bring to the table a unique combination of engineering know-how, video production skills and deep understanding of modern marketing principles. Whatever your project, our contributions are always supported by a holistic vision of the wider campaign, never losing sight of your ultimate goal.


Sent Into Space’s core mission is to bring the wonder of space a little closer for everyone.
We strive to create inspiring content around space which inspires awe.
We capture attention, spark passions for space and inspire young people to pursue education and careers in STEM.


  • Inventiveness: We are pioneers. We use technologies that didn’t exist five minutes ago to make things that have never been seen before.

  • Creativity: We’re more than just engineers. Space inspires wonder; so should our work.

  • Knowledge: You can’t launch 1,000 spaceflights for the world’s biggest brands without knowing what you’re doing. We never stop learning.

  • Passion: Space is awesome. We work hard to inflame the passion for space in others and inspire the next generation of engineers and astronauts.

  • Fun: We travel the world doing the unbelievable for the likes of Morgan Freeman, Michael Bublé and Logan Paul. Who wouldn’t have fun doing that?



Dr. Chris Rose

Dr Chris Rose

Head of Projects & Business Development

Working closely with the business development and creative teams, I spend my days translating prospective clients’ dreams into unique and jaw-dropping space launch projects.

I try to spend more time doing work than talking about it. On evenings and weekends, I'm a father of three kids and one dog, a rugby captain, and a champion pumpkin carver.

Alex Keen

Alex Keen

Communications & Marketing Manager

I lead on idea generation and marketing campaign strategy for our client projects, as well as handling our own marketing—I wrote everything on this website. I specialise in bringing together art and science, using data-driven strategy and compelling narratives to transform the wonder of space into valuable engagement for brands. In my spare time, I'm a writer and an award-winning comedian and actor who tours and teaches nationally.


Chris Rose and Alex Baker met while studying for their PhDs in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. One day, an idle conversation in the pub sparked the idea of launching a balloon into space with a camera onboard to shoot an incredible panorama.

Over six months, they researched the history of radiosondes, looking at ways to track a helium balloon into space and weather prediction software to model its path up and back down again, experimenting with various methods of insulating the camera that would capture video on their maiden voyage. On the 17th of December 2010, they launched their very first flight from the back garden of Chris’ family home.

When their story went viral, Chris and Alex received an influx of requests from scientists, schools, production companies, marketing executives and private individuals clamouring for their own launches. A decade later, Sent Into Space has launched from countries across the globe, featured in international news outlets, primetime tv and the big screen, and set numerous world records and world firsts in the field of aerospace. Not bad for two engineers experimenting in their spare time!


Sent Into Space is proud to be based in Sheffield, UK. We routinely offer apprenticeships for motivated young people in the South Yorkshire area and are committed to hiring locally where possible.

To find out what opportunities are currently available at Sent Into Space, follow us on LinkedIn.

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