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Space Launch

If you want something launching to space, this is the place to be. With over 1000 flights and a perfect recovery record, we're truly the world's Near Space experts. Our flights use the latest in high altitude balloon flight technology to launch to space, accessing the nearest region of space reliably and cost-effectively. Our work spans multiple industries including scientific research, research and development, marketing, video production and unique commercial and private projects.

All flights are equipped with satellite and radio TTC (telemetry, tracking and command) to give you continuous payload monitoring and control. Our unique insurance and launch licensing arrangements allow us to launch to space from nearly any location on the planet. For projects requiring heavy lift capabilities, our geographically remote launch facilities in northern Europe and the southwestern United States enable us to carry payloads up to 4,500 kilograms.

Conducting a launch to space involves a combination of diverse elements including engineering, logistics and creative talents. Find out how we do the impossible every day.

Meteorologists inspecting a weather model flight prediction for a high-altitude weather balloon launch


Struggling to picture what happens on a launch to space? Find out how it works in our detailed step-by-step guide to the planning, launch and recovery process. Learn how we plan for your success, securing launch clearances, calculating flight paths, collecting atmospheric data and coordinating teams across the globe to make your launch to space a reality, from setting foot on the launch site to tracking launch vehicles through the atmosphere.

Sent Into Space engineer looking at blueprint of a spacecraft on a screen


Our engineering department is at your disposal with every service you require to launch to space, including:

  • Design and manufacturing

  • Bespoke launch vehicles

  • Hardware modification

  • Environmental optimisation

  • Electronic and mechanical prop-building

High-altitude weather balloon partially filled at launch site in the Nevada desert


Launching to space from anywhere in the world. Full insurance for global operations, international partnerships, overseas supply chains and agreements with all major aviation regulators.

Make the most of our planet's diverse landscapes and connect with local audiences, wherever and whenever you need to launch.

Payload attached to high-altitude weather balloon in space with Earth in the background


When it comes to space, no dream is too big. We have a number of carefully selected sites across the globe (in northern Sweden and the southwestern United States) where we can conduct huge-scale balloon launches carrying cargo up to 4,500kg—that’s 4.5 metric tonnes.

Dr Chris Rose briefing Sent Into Space engineers before a space launch


In the most unpredictable of times, we ensure you're protected, with full public liability insurance and indemnity up to $5 million, standard-setting safety protocols and a progressive environmental policy. Find all our policies for your peace of mind here.

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