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Panoramic view of the Earth from space with speckled cloud cover and forest below


As a leading provider of access to the Near Space environment, our work isn’t limited to incredible marketing campaigns or cinematography. We help educators, scientists, engineers and even private citizens launch to space for a broad range of applications. Whether you need one of the services outlined below, or a bespoke service to meet your unique needs, speak to our team today to learn more and start planning your launch. Whatever your business in the stratosphere, it’s our business to help you get there.

Teddy bear wearing spacesuit in space with Planet Earth in the background


Inspire the next generation of astronauts and engineers with our award-winning Classtronauts program. We’ll launch a school mascot or creation by the pupils into space, with classes tuning in to the launch site live to act as Mission Control.

In the run-up to the launch day, we’ll conduct an exciting morning assembly via video broadcast explaining the launch, followed by Q&A workshops with each year group to allow the children to ask anything they can think of our space experts. In addition, we provide every school with a wealth of curriculum-linked lesson plans, presentations and worksheets to tie your project into science lessons, bringing the excitement of space right back into the classroom.

Engage your pupils with an affordable and unique project to suit all ages: your very own space flight!

Planet Earth from space with partial cloud cover, the blackness of space above and thin blue glow of the horizon


Atmospheric particulate sampling, remote sensing, earth observation, surveying: our high-altitude pseudo-satellite (HAPS) platform bridges the gap between drones, UAVs and satellites for unparalleled access to the upper stratosphere.

Testing avionics and satellite components? Instead of booking a thermal vacuum chamber in six months’ time or spending hundreds of thousands on buying your own, we can launch your equipment into a representative environment today.

Our balloon satellites are the ideal high-altitude platform for research and testing. With up to 7-day drift times from our long launch site, we can give you extensive access to the upper stratosphere for any purpose. Our use-case agnostic platform includes power supply, TT&C (telemetry, tracking and command) capabilities and all launch and recovery services, letting you concentrate on results.

Aura vessel scattering ashes in space with Earth in the background


Send your departed loved one on a breathtaking final journey into space. This unique burial service allows you to scatter your loved one’s ashes high above the Earth to travel the globe on stratospheric winds, giving them a beautiful final journey before they come to rest all across the planet. Perfect for adventurers, explorers and anyone who loved the world around them, their ascent and release is captured on film to produce an everlasting video memorial celebrating their life. 

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