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Our pioneering Classtronauts program is the perfect way to inspire future generations of scientists and engineers. We’ll deliver an unforgettable and pressworthy launch day at your school, alongside teacher-designed, curriculum-linked educational resources to bring the wonder of space back into the classroom.


Engage your pupils with an affordable and unique project to suit all ages: your very own space flight!



Whether you’re pushing ruggedised equipment to its limits, capturing data and stratospheric samples or even testing satellite and aerospace components, our platform for high-altitude research and testing offers unparalleled access to the extreme conditions of the upper stratosphere and Near Space.


Expedite your test cycle by accessing a true representative environment and create a brilliant research project.



When a loved one leaves this world behind, how do you celebrate their life? Aura Flights is the UK’s premier space scattering service from the team behind Sent Into Space.


Our purpose-designed scattering device gently releases the ashes into the stratospheric winds which encircle the globe in a beautiful moment, captured on video as an everlasting memorial of their final journey.

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