A great STEM activity, our pioneering Classtronauts program is the perfect way to inspire future generations of scientists and engineers. We’ll visit your school and conduct an unforgettable space launch right from your playground. Inspire pupils with an educational presentation and Q&A sessions, and keep the enthusiasm alive in the classroom with teacher-designed, curriculum-linked educational resources.


Engage your pupils with an affordable and unique project to suit all ages: your very own space flight!


Atmospheric particulate sampling, remote sensing, earth observation, surveying: our high-altitude pseudo-satellite (HAPS) platform bridges the gap between drones, UAVs and satellites for unparalleled access to the upper stratosphere. Testing avionics and satellite components? Instead of booking a thermal vacuum chamber in six months’ time or spending hundreds of thousands on buying your own, we can launch your equipment into a representative environment today. Whether you’re pushing ruggedised equipment to its limits, collecting environmental data or even testing space-capable hardware, our high-altitude research and testing platform can dramatically shorten your costs and timelines. Find out more today.


When a loved one leaves this world behind, how do you celebrate their life? Now you can send them on a breathtaking final journey to have their ashes scattered in space.

Aura Flights is the UK’s leading space funeral service. Our purpose-designed scattering vessel carries their ashes to 100,000 feet above the Earth before gently releasing them into the stratospheric winds which encircle the globe. This beautiful moment is captured on video as an everlasting memorial of their final journey.


Burial at sea and scattering the ashes of the dearly departed into the salty waters are time-honoured traditions for those who served in the Navy or simply loved to be aboard their sailboat or yacht. For aviators, Air Force pilots, astronauts and space enthusiasts, Aura Flights now allows a similar option: a space burial is a fitting memorial and a great way to honour a life well-lived.