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Buzz Lightyear toy in space, pointing upwards with Earth in the backdrop




Assist in a unique collaboration between eBay & LadBaby to send Buzz Lightyear into space and auction him off for charity.

Split perspective of multiple camera angles from Buzz Lightyear space launch


LadBaby had been in touch with us for a while when eBay asked them to raise awareness of their pre-loved toy sales. As if three partners weren't enough, Disney Pixar was working with eBay to celebrate the release of Toy Story 4.

We launched a Buzz Lightyear toy into space, filming the flight in 4K. LadBaby accompanied us on the launch, documenting the exciting launch process, and then auctioned the toy off on eBay. The proceeds from the auction went to support "Together for Short Lives", whose work supports seriously ill children and their families.

Child looking at Buzz Lightyear in space on a laptop screen


  • over 500,000 views on YouTube

  • 7 million views on Facebook

  • worldwide national news coverage

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