One of the biggest trends in marketing in the past few years is the rise of the influencer. Defined as a content creator and social media personality whose large following make them an influential voice among their audience demographic, influencers are highly trusted by their fanbase for their opinions and advice. Paid collaborations offer brands the opportunity to promote their products and services on a channel they know is followed by their key demographics, meaning their marketing spend is being utilised more effectively than ever before.


When it comes to social media influencers, there are few with a bigger reach than LadBaby, the UK lifestyle vlogger making videos about the trials of parenting on a budget. This giant of all social media platforms has almost 4 million followers on Facebook, won Clas Ohlson's "Celebrity Dad of the Year 2018" and has two UK number 1 hit singles reaching the Christmas number one spot in the UK charts. 

LadBaby had been in touch with us for a while when eBay asked them to raise awareness of their pre-loved toy sales. As if three partners weren't enough, Disney Pixar were working with eBay to celebrate the release of Toy Story 4. We launched a Buzz Lightyear toy into space, filming the flight in 4K. LadBaby accompanied us on the launch, documenting the exciting launch process, and then auctioned the toy off on eBay. The proceeds from the auction went to support "Together for Short Lives", whose work supports seriously ill children and their families. 

This project was a marketing triumph, bringing multiple brands together at the intersection of their audience to raise a huge amount of money for a noble cause. To date, the launch video has attracted nearly 500,000 views on YouTube, 5.4 million views on Facebook and news articles on websites and blogs across the world.