When it comes to marketing, no two companies have the same needs. That's why every project we do is tailored to the client, with a range of services designed to meet any need. Whether you're an international marketing firm pitching to a huge global client, a young startup looking to make a splash in the market or an established business ready to revitalise their image, we'll supplement your existing capabilities throughout the development and execution of your campaign to make sure you get the amazing results you deserve.

If going to space was easy, it wouldn’t be impressive. We’ve spent years developing and improving our equipment and process across more than five hundred flights to ensure every launch goes as smoothly as possible. In all those flights, we’ve never lost a payload, an unmatched success rate reflected in the fact that we’re the only company in the world with full insurance for commercial space balloon flight. Your result is our reputation, which is why in the unlikely event of an unsatisfactory result, we'll relaunch for free.



Unbeatable realtime engagement

Maximise organic reach and enjoy unfiltered interactions with your biggest fans with live HD video streaming from the edge of space.

360 & VR

Immerse your audience in your message

Capture the full majesty of the Earth in space with our cutting-edge 360° camera technology, supported with virtual reality graphics.


Truly global launch capabilities

Make the most of our planet's diverse landscapes, connect with local audiences, wherever and whenever you need to launch.


Everything behind the camera

Securing launch clearances, insurance, flight path prediction and planning - we cover all the technical stuff so you can focus on results.


Idea generation, strategic planning and asset production

Our in-house creative team cover everything from filming dedicated behind the scenes, to CAD animation, to idea generation and much more. 


Design and advanced manufacturing to

support your launch

We have a dedicated engineering and technical team who work alongside our creative team, all the way from the drawing board to manufacturing bespoke electronics, software and launch vehicles.


Cinematic shots to complement your flight footage

Our certified drone pilots will go above and beyond to get the perfect footage for your project using our fleet of specialist drone equipment.


Share the launch experience

Bring people together for an unforgettable launch day experience that energises attendees and celebrates the human side of your brand.


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