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Collage of images of Earth from space across different locations around the world



The beauty of our planet is its diversity. The Earth from space is a stunning view wherever you are, but instantly recognisable landscapes or unique environments viewed from an unconventional perspective can elevate your campaign to the next level.

While you can’t see borders from space, every country can present its own challenges to conducting a high-altitude balloon launch. Luckily, we’ve got a wealth of experience on our side to shoot the Earth from whatever angle you need.

High-altitude weather balloon being filled at a launch site in the Nevada Desert


Regulations, clearances and availability of equipment and consumables can vary dramatically from place to place. We’ve launched in hundreds of countries and we have strong working relationships with the US Federal Aviation Authority and the equivalent bodies in most European countries, as well as contacts across six continents to facilitate launching anywhere you can set foot. Meanwhile, contracts with global gas and engineering suppliers mean we’re fully equipped in even the most isolated corners of our planet.

Collage of Sent Into Space engineers recovering spacecraft from diverse locations around the world


Aside from airspace regulations, the climate of various launch locations can also have an impact on our processes. We’ve sent balloons into space in subzero conditions and sweltering highs, arid deserts and tropical wet seasons, and have developed robust protocols to optimise launch equipment for the different environmental conditions across the full range of altitudes our flights traverse.


Likewise, different geographies present unique recovery challenges. From quad bikes in Iceland, to speed boats off the Cayman Islands, to helicopters across Grand Canyon National Park, we’ll take any measures necessary to send to space and recover your bespoke craft. See how we leveraged the dramatic landscape over Las Vegas to tie in to Logan Paul's unique astronaut wedding photo launch.

High-altitude weather balloon lifting 2 tonnes of weight into space with the earth in the background


Our international operating capabilities are vital when it comes to lifting extreme weights into space. We have exclusive access to heavy lift facilities in North America and Northern Europe which allow us to carry craft weighing up to 2 metric tonnes to realise an incredible range of creative, engineering and marketing projects. With unique clearances to launch any time with hundreds of square kilometres of private airspace, whatever your goals, the sky is no longer a limit.

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