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Campaign Journey

With so many opportunities to take advantage of and so many options for how to use the awesome power of space to promote your brand, a campaign can easily become overwhelming. Our framework for planning and executing a campaign helps all parties involved stay on the same page and deliver an incredible result. From the moment you get in touch right through to the completion of your campaign, find out how Sent Into Space will be alongside you every step of the way.

Dr Chris Rose looking at laptop screen wearing a headset while participating in an online video call


Our projects start with a consultation meeting to get to know your brand, your marketing goals, and your vision for the campaign. Our team will develop a raft of unique creative ideas to create a dazzling spectacle in space. But the content is only half the battle: we also leverage a comprehensive understanding of modern marketing principles, developing a delivery strategy that’s tailored to the media channels and audience most relevant to your brand. Timing, placement, and tone, all influence our creative direction to give you the best shot at maximising impact.

By the end of the strategy phase, we’ll share a clear vision of success and the path to achieve it, converging on creative, timelines, key performance indicators, scope and budget so our team and yours can proceed as one slick, unified force for success.

Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned

Each piece of content we produce is shaped by its role in the marketing mix. For shared media on social, maximising clicks, views, engagement and shares means grabbing attention quickly and holding it in the most competitive marketplace. For press and other earned media, we shape timely, human-first narratives that win over journalists, making sure the content is ready at the right time for their deadlines and yours. Paid content is about delivering the very best imagery we can make, while successful owned media has your brand identity and tone of voice baked into its core.

Computer-aided design (CAD) render exploded view of a Sent Into Space spacecraft with camera


The pre-production phase encompasses everything from the moment we sign off the project specifications to the day before the launch. While our Projects team get to work securing launch clearances and determining optimal flight conditions, and our engineers develop the launch vehicle and bespoke feature presentation that will deliver the final result, the Creative department will work with you to finalise details of creative assets to be used during production and delivery.

Depending on your specific requirements, this phase could include developing props and models to feature in the hero footage, designing custom graphics and branding for inclusion on the launch vehicle, capturing elements of the engineering process for behind-the-scenes storytelling, developing social media teasers, and bringing together video content that will feature on a digital display during a flight.

Sent Into Space workshop staff looking at a spacecraft prototype on a large wooden table


A successful space launch is much like a successful film shoot: both rely on precise timing and coordination of a team aligned by a singular purpose. For our team, the production phase of a campaign is both of these things at once. While the launch team prepare to launch the craft into space, our videographers make final checks on the shot composition and document the launch and recovery process to tell the story of the launch. Throughout the day, we can capture every important moment in a variety of styles to suit your brand tone.

Video editor using a computer with a widescreen monitor displaying the DaVinci Resolve user interface (UI) and an image of a spacecraft


Turning all the raw footage from your space flight into a polished set of marketing assets is all about taste and attention to detail. Depending on your brand voice and the tone of the campaign, we can edit assets in a range of styles to suit: check out the difference between this in-depth documentary-style edit we created for Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, the fast-paced, influencer-led narrative for HyperX and the uplifting, powerful short film for BRAC’s campaign to raise awareness of the Rohingya Muslim refugee crisis. The groundwork laid during idea generation and pre-production means our team can work rapidly to deliver a stunning and professional result within a matter of days.

Render of a smartphone showing an Instagram social media post from 7eleven with an image of a Slurpee in space


Your marketing strategy will set out the optimal timings, channels and placements for your marketing efforts. Each channel and placement will have unique filetype, format and dimensional requirements, and different creative considerations. Wherever your results will be used, our team are skilled at designing content to those requirements and advising on delivery strategy. We’ll even help draft press releases and marketing copy, as well as equipping you with a raft of useful and exciting facts and quotables to adeptly respond to scientific questions or social media comments.

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