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Close up shot of a user interface of audio production software displayed on a monitor



Few things have as much power to affect emotion as music. The right choice of backing music can dramatically change the tone of a scene in your videos, enhancing your message and ensuring viewers form just the right emotional connection to your brand.

With our in-house musicians and external writing and performing partners, including Oscar-winning composer Michael Nyman, we can produce blockbuster-quality original compositions to perfectly match the tone of your production. Our extensive content library has thousands of royalty-free tracks for you to pick from for quick and cost-effective music that doesn’t compromise on quality. Our creative team includes professional voice actors for voiceover and narration in a range of styles, and of course our video production department can source or produce sound effects and handle audio mixing to give all videos we produce a professional-sounding finish.

Close up of a sound engineer twisting dial of an audio mixing desk with backlit buttons


Whether your video production is factual or narrative, proper sound mixing and foley work are vital components of video editing. Introducing realistic background noise, designing futuristic space sounds to complement visual effects and music, vocal recording enhancement, and even creating jingles for your brand are all services available at our mixing desk. Professional audio production is included in our post-production processes as standard; if there’s something special your project needs, let us know today and we’ll arrange a call with a creative representative to discuss how best to bring your vision to life.

High contrast black and white musical score with music notes


Working directly with a composer to write music for your production gives you control and confidence that you’ll get a bespoke piece that completely suits your brief. We work with a host of composers, including in-house professional musicians and trusted third parties that include high-profile artists like Michael Nyman, the Oscar-winning composer of The Piano soundtrack, who wrote a piece for our artistic production for Sophie Molins.

For many years, we’ve collaborated with Tim Feben, a nationally acclaimed instrumentalist and composer whose work spans a wide range of genres and styles. Check out some of the projects he’s worked on for us and others.

User interface (UI) displaying royalty-free music tracks in playlist format


For projects with a tight turnaround time or limited budget, we offer a huge range of royalty-free tracks for use in your work. We can choose music to suit your brief, provide you a shortlist of tracks to pick from or grant full access to browse and find the music that’s right for you. All tracks are licensed for unlimited duplication of the final product across multiple platforms, allowing you to distribute your work freely. Our creative team will guide you through any licensing processes or queries you may have.

Condenser microphone with silver metal grille and black body


Whatever the voice of your brand, we’ve got a voicebox to match. Our extended creative family includes a range of experienced and talented voice artists for voiceover, narration and voice acting. With decades of experience, we can record to your precise specifications and with in-house talent, provide results with little turnaround time. Whether you’re looking to inspire, excite or even overwhelm, we’ll be sure to meet the tone of your concept.

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