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Aerial perspective of Earth from a 360 camera in space with Slurpee drinks surrounding the shot


360 & VR

Floating in space is one of the most life changing experiences known to humankind. A 360° space VR video gives a viewer the chance to travel through our atmosphere and see the view from above the planet, as if they were really there. No other digital medium can compare to the immersiveness of virtual reality. With our unique 360° space VR filming process, we harness that power to connect your brand with audiences like never before.

Person pointing to 360 camera attached to spacecraft at Sent Into Space Headquarters


Filming in 360° requires a completely new approach to content creation. Our in-house production team are experienced at working with 360° content at every stage of the process, with decades of experience at your disposal. We can develop immersive media strategies and creative concepts to suit your particular needs, taking into account production logistics, narrative considerations and delivery strategy to create a seamless plan to connect with your audience.

360° video and the social media algorithm

While quality content remains the number one priority, understanding and playing into the algorithms that dictate who sees what on social media puts you one step ahead. 360° content is beloved by YouTube and Facebook, making a 360° VR video an effective tool for increasing impressions and engagements with your audience. Our space VR and 360° space videos have secured tens of millions of views on social media for our clients, demonstrating the awesome pulling power of novel, immersive video content.

A monitor displaying 360 video editing software with an image of the Earth from space displayed


Creating a 360° immersive VR video experience doesn’t stop at filming. We combine automated and manual stitching processes to create a seamless virtual space environment. 360° VR content affords the opportunity for digital camera transitions through reframing, to create dynamic shots and multiple angles from a single content source.

Just as with traditional aspect ratio videos, motion graphics and 2D/3D design elements offer a great way to introduce campaign messaging, flare and Easter Eggs into a 360° video. Check out our work with YouTube on their original sci-fi thriller show Origin and see how we recreated the interface design from the show’s ships to evoke the futuristic feel of the programme.

Silhouette of a woman wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset holding hand tracking touch controllers with the Earth from space in the background


With VR headsets now widely available for gaming and entertainment, it’s possible to access a wide audience of affluent early-adopters by creating virtual reality experiences. Using genuine 360° footage from space as the foundation of a VR environment adds excitement with a unique talking point. We can enhance raw footage with heads-up displays, true-to-life 3DCG imagery, diegetic and non-diegetic VFX and sound, to turn your 360° video of our planet from space into an exclusive ‘virtual reality in space’ experience that is sure to get your audience excited and engaged.

YouTube website user interface displaying 360 VR videos in search results


One of the strengths and challenges of creating space VR content is the diverse range of delivery methods to bring your content to life for an audience. Whether you’re creating content for social media, building an immersive experiential marketing installation live activations for a conference, festival or other live event, or using 360° or VR content for a more novel purpose, our team are well experienced at making your footage work in a range of environments.

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