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RED cinema camera in space on spacecraft with carbon fibre framework, camera monitor, thick bright yellow and green cabling, with Earth in the background



Our work sits at the intersection of cutting-edge engineering and creative spectacle, and this is never truer than when it comes to our space imaging capabilities. Taking your brand to space means nothing if it doesn’t result in spectacular visuals.

Precision-engineered shot composition. Ultra-high-definition and framerates. World-first filming techniques. Custom state-of-the-art cinecam mods. When it comes to capturing a moment that’s truly out of this world, we make the shot every time.

Spacecraft carrying a RED Helium camera equipped with a Zeiss Cine lens with green and yellow cabling and carbon fibre framework


For a professional video production job, only the best equipment will do. We specialise in modifying video cameras to operate in the harsh extremes of space’s vacuum. Our partnerships with innovative camera manufacturers like RED and industry leading retailers such as CVP mean we can secure the very best equipment as soon as it becomes available.

Our work has led to capturing some of the world’s first 8K video shot in open space, using an extensively modified RED Helium DSMC 8K camera. You can learn more about how we developed a unique thermal regulation system in our case study about the work we did filming 8K in space for Samsung.

Earth from space captured from a spacecraft with a 360 camera


360° video is at the forefront of immersive technology. With major entertainment and social media platforms all producing virtual reality equipment and content for the mass market, full surround video is likely to become increasingly relevant to entertainment and media in coming decades.

Filming in every direction is the simplest way to guarantee you’ll see every moment of the flight. With dynamic reframing and digital pan-tilt-roll technology, we can create stunning 1080p video for use in traditional video formats, framing the shot at your leisure in post-production. The raw 360° footage also makes for perfect supplementary content for online promotion of a documentary series or film, as seen in our work for the BBC documentary series Earth From Space.

The pinnacle of 360° video might be the hyperlapse: a timelapse with a moving 360° camera, orientation-locked to the horizon, for a mindbending experience of speeding through time above the Earth. This unique effect has garnered tens of millions of organic viral views on social media and is guaranteed to set a production apart from the competition.

 Camera monitor displaying the perspective of a RED Helium camera in space


For projects that don’t require novel filming techniques, we let the presentation speak for itself with high quality video content with more traditional specifications. We can shoot high dynamic range 6K and 4K in a range of colour profiles and edit in a variety of ratios and perspectives to fit your distribution channels (1:1 square or 9:16 portrait for short-form video content, 16:9 landscape for long-form).

Need still imagery for print, press or supplementary content? We can shoot ultra-high-framerate video that allows us to pull superb stills directly from flight footage, or launch dedicated stills cameras capturing up to 50MP hi-res photographs. We can even work with analogue film cameras for a classic aesthetic that produces one-of-a-kind physical mementos of a flight.

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