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Teddy bear wearing spacesuit in space with Planet Earth in the background


Inspire the next generation of astronauts with your very own space launch. Our award-winning Classtronauts program lets schoolchildren participate in a launch by sending up a lightweight presentation or experiment on one of our spaceflights and have it captured on video floating above the Earth.

Space Education
Plush teddy bear in floating in space wearing green t-shirt


When you sign up, we’ll ask you to choose or create a school mascot, a work of art created by a student, or an experiment designed by a science and engineering club to go into space. Our engineering team will mount this on a bespoke spacecraft which will carry it on your spaceflight.


We’ll agree a target launch window of two weeks for the flight to take place. As you work towards your intended launch window, you’ll have lesson plans, worksheets and practical exercise recommendations to cover in lessons or after-school clubs, which you can use however you like.

When your launch window approaches, we’ll be monitoring weather conditions and will let you know when the launch is going to take place.


On the day, a live video feed will give your students access to the launch site to watch the preparation and take-off of the craft. Then, once the craft has returned to Earth, our creative team will make a personalised video with the footage from the onboard cameras to share with your students and celebrate their incredible achievement.

Dr Chris Rose & Alex Keen speaking at an educational event


At Sent Into Space, we’re passionate about education. Our company started as a side project while our founders were studying their PhDs, and we proudly offer apprenticeships, summer internships and year in industry placements for school leavers and undergraduate students. 

Space is uniquely inspiring and the Classtronauts program leverages its ability to spark imagination and passion for science with an experience your children will remember forever. We’ve worked with groups of all backgrounds and have materials tailored to different age ranges and ability levels. To make our launches accessible to as many as possible, 5% of revenue from all our corporate work is set aside to subsidise educational projects about space. 

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