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Sent Into Space engineers looking at iPad in the workshop section of the Sent Into Space headquarters



When treading into the unknown, you want to be able to trust your guide. Our services are designed from the ground up to include every safety feature required to overcome any risk that could get in the way of securing the result you need.

Predicted high-altitude weather balloon flight path simulation visualisation


Our first priority in all our launch operations is the physical safety of our officers, your representatives and the general public. Our comprehensive flight path simulation software allows us to target a landing radius of ~100 metres, avoiding built-up areas and other hazards. If the true flight path diverges, our cut-down mechanism allows us to safely terminate a flight at any time.

All our launch vehicles are equipped with a parachute which is kept taut on the ascent by the line pressure, naturally unfurling when the balloon bursts so there are no mechanical points of failure. In the unlikely event of a collision on landing, all equipment is designed to minimise impact.

Sent into space engineers celebrating the successful recovery of a spacecraft from the desert with payload in hand


Our dedication to safety has given us an unmatched success rate—over 1000 flights with no airborne collisions or near-misses and a 100% recovery record. We’ve never had to make an insurance claim, but for peace of mind, we are one of the only companies in the world insured for commercial high-altitude balloon flights with full public liability insurance up to $5,000,000.

Dr Alex Baker filling high-altitude weather balloon with hydrogen gas cylinders at an aircraft hangar


Every country has its own aerospace regulator and a unique set of legal requirements. We have a strong working relationship with the UK Space Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority in the United Kingdom, with the US Federal Aviation Authority, and with aerospace regulators across Europe and further afield. Our experience working with regulatory bodies and even consulting on legislative and process changes in the UK means that even if we haven’t launched in a particular region before, we’re ready to tackle the challenge of each country’s unique considerations.

Sent Into Space engineers making final adjustments and safety checks to a spacecraft before launch


As an aerospace company with marketing in our blood, we’re always mindful of the responsibility we hold to protect your brand’s image in all our operations. All our public-facing operatives have training for handling the public and the press to ensure they don’t reflect poorly on your brand while we’re working for you. When it comes to managing your own communications, we equip you with strategy and tools to field questions and challenges from journalists and on social media. Concerns about environmental impact? Our comprehensive environmental policy will set any fears to rest.

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