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Hologram in space with Earth in the background


Want to get to Near Space? Our high altitude platform grants access to a uniquely valuable region of the atmosphere, for space research, satellite and avionics component testing and product ruggedness validation. For small aerospace businesses who want to validate their technology and secure investment, we can reduce testing wait times and costs and generate valuable publicity for your brand.

Access To Space
Sent Into Space spacecraft in space with Earth in the background


We provide a system-agnostic platform for your equipment to travel into space. We can provide power and real-time communications for the duration of the flight. For heavy payloads, we can carry up to 2 metric tonnes from one of our remote launch sites in Europe and North America. Whatever you need carrying to space, for whatever purpose, our engineers are here to help. 

Plinth with space agency logos in space over a snowy landscape


Capturing data from the stratosphere grants us more insight into our planetary environment and the space beyond it. Our high-altitude pseudo-satellite research platform can be geared to look up or down, for Earth Observation or for astrophotography, solar science and other space sciences.

We gather data at altitude with our sensor array and deliver detailed scientific analysis of the results through a range of analytical methods, including SEM, spectroscopy and statistical modelling. Services include:
•    Low Earth observation for agricultural monitoring
•    particulate sample capture for geology and microbiology
•    solar activity and aeronomics monitoring
•    climate monitoring and climate change research

Working with organisations worldwide, we've helped develop novel aerospace materials, uncover evidence of microbial life in the stratosphere and measure stratospheric gravity waves during a total solar eclipse, contributing to fundamental research papers across a dizzying array of fields of space science and beyond.

Digital oscilloscope in recording data in space with cloud covered Earth in background


The Near Space environment offers a great opportunity to conduct holistic performance testing quickly at a lower cost and with lower access requirements than a thermalvac chamber or sounding rocket. 

A faster iterative development loop between TRL5 and TRL7 means quicker feedback, reduced development times and reduced risk of wasteful testing further down the line—a failed near space test doesn't mean a two-year wait to get another flight booked. Representative environmental testing bridges the gap between ground-based testing and In-orbit deployment, allowing for rapid iteration and innovation via Near Space research.

Near Space validation also offers an undervalued benefit: capturing genuine data and visual evidence of your product operating in a Near Space environment does more to inspire confidence than a thousand ground-based metrics with existing stakeholders and potential investors. From Seed to Series C investing, having a true image of your product in space is a sure-fire way to get investors to take notice.

3D computer-aided design (CAD) model of a Sent Into Space spacecraft


Our stratospheric weather balloon platform is fully customisable to conduct your Near Space research and development activities. Our in-house engineers are able to design, develop and manufacture almost anything you might need for stratospheric testing or high-altitude applications.

Working closely with our extended contacts, we produce electronics or structural components that can help develop your research needs, including sensor arrays, remote-operated mechanisms and onboard software to deliver accurate, rapid, reliable results.

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