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Sent Into Space engineers at aircraft hangar working preparing a spacecraft for launch with a large high-altitude weather balloon



The story of man’s triumphant landing on the moon in 1969 would not be complete without the incredible tale of the journey to reach that point. In the same vein, the process of taking your campaign from concept to reality can be documented and shared with your audience to wow them with the true story of your technical and creative accomplishment. Depending on the tone and purpose of your hero video, this can form part of the core narrative, or be shared in a separate documentary-style ‘behind the scenes’ film that extends the lifespan of the campaign.

 Sent Into Space engineers at launch site releasing a spacecraft with film crew recording the space launch


At the core of any space launch concept are the shots captured by the cameras onboard the launch vehicle: the hero images from the primary camera, and secondary flight footage from additional cameras at alternate angles.

Behind-the-Scenes filming extends beyond the flight itself, to the entire pre-production and production phases of the campaign journey. We can film the development of the launch vehicle on handheld or mounted cameras, shooting in real-time or capturing timelapse footage of manufacturing and assembly. A piece to camera (PTC) from key Sent Into Space team members and your brand representatives are great for explaining the campaign concept and the launch planning process.

Once we reach the launch day, our drone operators give the launch process context and show the magnificent moment of take-off from an external perspective, while ground-based cameras film the setup and final checks. Following take-off, we can follow the recovery team on their journey to reclaim the equipment after landing with vehicle-mounted cameras to complement drone and handheld perspectives.

Children looking curiously at a laptop displaying spaceflight data behind the scenes with Sent Into Space


Part of the awesome power of space is its ability to resonate with so many diverse associations and themes for different people. Adventure, discovery, scientific achievement, humanity, spirituality, solitude, infinity—space can evoke powerful emotions in your audience, depending on how you present it in your campaign. Thoughtful use of behind-the-scenes content allows us to shape a narrative and tone that suits the theme of your marketing message.

For HyperX’s Cloud Orbit S headphones release, interviews with influencer talent went alongside cinematic filming of the recovery journey built a thrilling adventure narrative perfect for the brand’s gamer audience.

The science-driven, technically complex accomplishment of debuting Rick and Morty Season 5 in space for Adult Swim was conveyed through detailed interviews with Sent Into Space’s engineering and operations leads, to demonstrate the studio’s commitment to going above and beyond to deliver unique viewer experiences.

In our campaign with BRAC to raise awareness of the Rohingya Muslim refugee crisis, we focused on the launch journey and the occupants of the world’s largest refugee camp in order to put human faces to an unimaginable humanitarian challenge.

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