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Blender render of a Sent Into Space Spacecraft with Michael Bublé album cover image covering the exterior


2D & 3D Animation

The Earth in space is the star of the show. To transform incredible raw footage 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics make the difference in delivering professionally polished video content for your campaigns. Our team is highly experienced at creating 2D and 3D animated content to a standard you’d expect from a dedicated animation studio. Our in-house space animation team can produce 2D and 3D graphics in a huge range of styles to suit your creative direction, advise on how to make the best use of animated and CG content in your work, and ensure your campaign hits all the right notes.

Artists render of a Sent Into Space spacecraft carrying a camera and standing on four legs


3D animation involves rendering the subject of the image in a virtual 3-dimensional environment. Complex 3D animations supplement real-life space footage and behind-the-scenes launch information to show launch vehicle designs, connect footage from diverse sources and create entirely original 360 VR experiences.


Before your bespoke launch vehicle enters manufacturing, we model the setup for a realistic preview of your final result, allowing you to give feedback for rapid changes and a picture-perfect result. Renderings and wireframe modes of your craft make for great explainer content in a behind-the-scenes video.


We create true-to-life digital imagery of the Earth from space, as well as other planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies. Still images and video space animations can be incorporated into your hero video or used as standalone supporting material. Our renders use genuine scientific data and images as source material, ensuring everything is as true to reality as possible.


Computer animation allows us to seamlessly bridge between drone, balloon and satellite imagery and enhance the appearance of objects in flight using post-processing, without detracting from the genuine achievement of launching a craft into space. Stylish shot transitions, speed changes, stabilisation, colouring and quality upscaling all let you make the most of the raw footage from your flight.


When your cameras can shoot in 360 degrees, your animation has to match up. Our 360 animation skills range from adding HUD overlay elements to our incredible 360 videos, to creating entirely computer-generated 360 VR environments . VR is the pinnacle of immersive content and the mix of real 360 footage with true-to-life animation is an unbeatable combination.

Omega Speedmaster in presentation case on a spacecraft in space with screen and data overlays


In 2D animation, the artist directly creates the component elements that make up a flat image. Incorporating motion graphics, logo animations, schematics, overlays and illustrations, 2D animation is an oft-overlooked inclusion that makes all the difference in conveying a professional touch.


Stylistic 2D animations are perfect for explaining complex topics in an easy-to-grasp and engaging format. A cute 2D space animation is great for brands with a young target audience or casual, friendly brand voice. Characterful explainer animations feel familiar and set up your core concepts so you can let the action speak for itself.


Our flight computer collects a huge amount of data during each incredible journey to space. We can overlay this data alongside product information or brand messaging in your video content. Heads-up display style overlays like this provide context about the project as well as offering a great way to incorporate brand messaging into the video in an easy-to-absorb and entertaining way.


Dynamic titles, accents and visual effects, custom-designed in line with your branding, support the mood of the video, maintaining energy and excitement. Simply animating the movement of text on the screen turns a dry title card into a key element of the video's aesthetic, while working with your brand style guide means our content feels right at home on your website and socials.

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