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Giant Tic Tac with an embedded screen in space, Planet Earth in the backdrop



Live activations can be unbeatable for driving real-time engagement. An opportunity to interact directly and influence the course of a momentous event gives audiences a sense of personal connection and leaves them with an enduring positive relationship to your brand.

This could mean enjoying a live view of the world from above, playing an active role in determining an aspect of a launch by remotely controlling an element in flight through likes, shares and comments, or by being rewarded for their attention with exclusive, time-sensitive content reveals and sharing in an evolving narrative.

There are a wide range of options for introducing a live component to a space marketing campaign and the best approach for maximum engagement, relevance and return on investment depends on a number of unique considerations outlined in the examples below.

Wooden desk with a laptop playing a Sent Into Space livestream


Give your audience a real-time view of the Earth from space, with up to 4K resolution video streaming direct to social media with ~2min latency.

A livestream creates an event that viewers can participate in through comments and queries. Maintaining an active brand presence throughout, whether in chat or through a picture-in-picture feed of a presenter, is vital to transform a moment of excitement into an ongoing relationship.

As with most internet discourse, the tone of a live chat is usually fast-paced, chaotic and irreverent, and the perception of transience and disposability heightens this—although it’s important to remember that any controversial moment could be clipped for posterity! This presents a natural challenge to shape viewer experience, but those who succeed and win over their crowd will end the stream with a raft of fans whose devotion to the brand is unmatched.

Carbon fibre remote activation case with screen, red switch, and Sent Into Space Logo


Live streams work best when they feature a dynamic subject that offers new twists and turns which provide ongoing reasons to stay engaged. One surefire way to achieve this is with a feature presentation that can be remotely affected from the ground, either by a celebrity ambassador, brand representative or the audience themselves. Our two-way communication and control system offers the unique opportunity to interact with a spacecraft as it’s travelling through the stratosphere.

Two-way communication is a step change in complexity from broadcasting down from a craft in flight, adding an additional level of prestige to an already exclusive stunt. The delay between signal transmission and visual confirmation of result on a social media feed is around 5 minutes, perfect for triggering a [dynamic mechanism] remotely, or displaying messages, images and even video on a screen mid-flight.

Dr Alex Baker interpreting real-time data on a laptop on the passenger seat of a car


A scavenger hunt with a prize that’s literally out of this world? Broadcasting the location of a prize-bearing craft as it travels through space and returns to Earth can generate huge engagement from excited fans without the complexities of live video transmission. We can broadcast a wide range of sensor and positional data and even still imagery from a launch vehicle in flight without the requirement for expensive and timeline-expanding licenses.

Sent Into Space exhibition stand with two people standing in front


In the age of digital life, in-person connections are all the more valuable. Experiential marketing is about delighting the public by taking them out of their everyday lives and into the extraordinary, with interactive, site-specific displays and engagement opportunities. Our 360° filming systems create beautiful space footage that can form the core of an experiential marketing event, whether projected onto a pop-up planetarium or shared via immersive VR headsets—ideal for public displays or industry and trade event spaces.

Rick and Morty’s Space Cruiser in space playing season 5 episode 1 on a screen with Planet Earth in the background


A live event doesn’t have to incorporate live video transmission to capture audience excitement and create an unmissable moment. Debuting pre-recorded content in a live premiere, as we did for the first episode of Rick and Morty Season 5, can generate a massive buzz around a campaign, while offering the peace of mind knowing that your result is secure. Pre-recorded material can also be enhanced with cinema-style colour grading and the addition of motion graphics to call out key information and reinforce brand identity and tone.

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