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High-altitude weather balloon lifting 2 tonnes of weight into space with Earth in background



We can achieve incredible technical and creative feats from almost any location in the world, but for projects that push the limits of possibility, our partner agencies enable us to unlock the greatest heights for your brand.

From two specialist launch zones in the Pacific Northwest and above the Arctic Circle in northernmost Sweden, we can lift up to 2 metric tonnes (2,000 kilograms) into space. Move over, Elon: we can put a car in space too.

Long exposure of Earth from space with trails of aircraft looping around the globe


Aside from lifting extremely heavy weights, our specialist launch zones enable long-duration flights with the capacity to span the entire planet. For projects that require a prolonged stay in the environment of space, we can remain aloft for more than two weeks.

Meanwhile, circumnavigating the globe is a feat worthy of legend, and history is studded with heroic figures who can claim the accolade for themselves. With the pole as your playground, will your brand join their ranks?

Aerial perspective of a futuristic battle tank in a forest


Our launch site in northern Sweden includes an impact zone 120km long and 75km wide—twice the size of Luxembourg—with over 6,600 square kilometres of restricted airspace at our disposal above. Within this region, we have total license to conduct experiments that would be impossible elsewhere, including impact testing.


If you want to drop a tank from space in an uncontrolled descent at terminal velocity, here’s where we make that happen.

Space rocket taking off from launch site with snow topped trees


While we specialise in lighter-than-air flights, our elite facilities and partnerships with other launch providers enable us to travel to altitudes over 120km with sounding rockets, and even place objects in geostationary orbit some 500km above the planet.

For more information, reach out to our team today.

Sent Into Space recovery team member sitting in the front seat of a helicopter tracking a spaceflight


It’s not just the launch vehicles that get bigger at our specialist launch sites. Every aspect of a project at this scale becomes worthy of documentation to truly show the exclusive and dramatic nature of your work. With balloons over 500,000m³, helicopter chase down to landing sites and extensive opportunities for branding, it’s a shame not to share the whole story.

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