HyperX are well known in the pro-gaming community for their top-of-the-line gear and their sponsorship of some of the world’s leading eSports teams and Twitch streamers. Their latest Cloud Orbit gaming headset incorporates 3D audio, detecting user head movements nearly 1000 times per second and positioning in-game sound accordingly with pinpoint precision technology for the ultimate in immersive audio.

To reflect the full 360° immersive audio environment created by the Cloud Orbits, we decided to put a spin on how we presented them – literally! We designed a rotating plinth to display the headphones, with a bespoke altitude-controlled trigger system to initiate the rotations at a suitably spectacular height. Due to the weight of the plinth and the mechanical activation system embedded within it, the entire setup had to be meticulously designed to ensure a stable hero shot.

HyperX also wanted to make an event of the launch day. Three of the world’s biggest Twitch streamers joined the launch team for the day and we secured a private airfield to conduct the preparation and launch.

Once the flight was aloft, we had to coordinate the recovery team, production crew and the talent to get everyone in place to capture the landing. We reached the landing site just seconds after touchdown, with our drone pilot hurrying to capture the amazing moment where our streamer team rushed to recover the Cloud Orbits from the impact site, surrounded by red smoke from the grenades deployed on landing, lit by the setting sun.