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With the rise of high-speed broadband, the omnipresence of mobile devices and the democratisation of content creation and distribution services, live video has shot to the forefront of contemporary online culture and doesn’t look to be going away any time soon. If you’re looking to capitalise, there’s no better way to grab attention than by livestreaming video from space.

Once the preserve of billionaires and space agencies, our unrivalled setup now allows you to broadcast full 1080p HD video across Facebook, YouTube and Twitch with less than a minute latency, right from our high-altitude balloon camera system at the edge of space.

Every social media platform is competing for dominance in the livestreaming space, looking to secure their position as the go-to platform for this emerging medium. Part of this push means that live content is favoured and actively promoted on these platforms. Understanding this drive means we’re perfectly placed to turn their algorithms to your advantage to bring a massive audience to your launch. Real-time interaction is second-to-none for giving audience members a personal and authentic sense of relationship, creating a lasting positive impression and turning passive viewers into ambassadors and champions for you and your brand.

The best part? We can take care of as much of the technical stuff as you require. We’ll assign our social media engineer to handle everything or work with your team to ensure you get a quality connection throughout the event. We can manage comments and audience responses in real-time according to your brand guidelines or sit back and simply monitor the live feed for quality and latency. To learn more or begin planning your livestreaming launch, get in touch with our team today!

Livestreaming Service

Livestreaming Service

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