Understand your audience by seeing them in person

Establish yourself as a key player in your industry

Nurture employee engagement

Generate great content that shows your brand in action

Concerts, conferences, teambuilding exercises – bringing people together has a host of benefits for your brand. There’s no better way to get a genuine insight into your consumer audience than to see them interact with your brand in person, in real time. For business customers, a friendly meeting can go miles to starting or strengthening a lasting business relationship. For your own team, a shared challenge outside of your regular work scheme not only brings people together, but the story of the event makes for great marketing material. In fact, any large event is the perfect opportunity to showcase the human side of your brand.

Whatever your purpose, conducting a space launch is an amazing way to ensure everyone will be talking about you. While livestreaming footage to an event is the obvious choice, there are plenty of ways to integrate a space launch in a more cost-efficient way. The launch itself is an exciting spectacle, as shown by the popularity of our educational “Classtronauts” launches. Once the balloon is released on its journey, sharing its live position on a map is great way to keep people involved. Releasing the location of the balloon in flight as a scavenger hunt is a surefire way to generate buzz around a product launch or brand activation.


For other options, pre-recorded footage broadcast for the first time as part of an event combines the excitement of an exclusive viewing with the reliability that comes with knowing the result is secure in advance, while showcasing 360° footage with immersive VR equipment at a trade show or meeting is will draw crowds and impress with your technical capabilities - the perfect convincer at point of sale.

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