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Tom Felton on a Pixelbook laptop screen in space with heads up display showing altitude, speed, internal & external temperature




Conduct a world-first trailer drop in space for YouTube Original’s flagship sci-fi horror show Origin.

Fusion 360 user interface (UI) displaying techinal model


We modified a Google Pixelbook (selected to maximise cross-promotion with Alphabet brands) to operate in the harsh environment of space. We launched the laptop alongside a 360° camera, creating an immersive VR video experience that highlighted YouTube’s recently introduced support for 360° content.

Heads-up display-style CG infographics and Easter eggs were added in post-production, matching the designs used in the world of the show for maximum relevance. The entire launch process was documented as extending legacy content to build anticipation for the show.

Large high altitude ballon being filled by Sent Into Space engineers in grassy field with tree cover


"I’ve been waiting for a video like this my whole life. This is the closest I’ll ever get to space!"

Ben Cochran, Creative Lead for Origin, YouTube

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