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Sent Into Space engineers making final adjustments to the spacecraft for VISA



It's not rocket science, but it's close. Aerospace engineering is integral to our portfolio of services. We've developed unique technology and techniques for conducting space launches and our space engineering team is always innovating to improve our capabilities. When you lead the industry, there's no such thing as an off-the-shelf solution.

Almost all the equipment we use is designed and manufactured in-house using novel manufacturing methods and drawing on an unrivalled wealth of experience in overcoming the extreme hostility of Near Space. Keeping all our engineering work internal guarantees you a clear line of communication, a quick turnaround time and the knowledge that all of your budget goes into the project, not a third party's profits.

Computer-aided design (CAD) render depicting an area of a Sent Into Space spacecraft


Our modular launch craft system uses cutting-edge, space-age materials to carry our equipment and your cargo into space. The carbon fibre framework and 3D printed connectors enable a huge range of configurations to capture every angle and present your brand's showpiece in the best possible light.

Using lightweight, rugged materials allows us to maximise altitude for the most stunning views possible. Our in-house manufacturing process allows for rapid design and prototyping, allowing you granular control over the way your feature item looks. All craft designs are aerodynamically optimised using advanced airflow modelling and computer testing, putting our decades of space engineering experience to use for you.

Point of sale (POS) card payment being placed by a robotic arm holding a VISA Moon card on a spacecraft in open space


When it comes to showcasing a dynamic brand, why let a static object do the work? We build custom animatronic props and mechanisms to trigger visually spectacular events in the harshest of environments. We've made curtains open, platforms spin, golden tickets drop, flags wave, devices activate and much more. Space engineering allows us to build mechanical systems which can operate in temperatures below -60°C and pressures approaching 0atm to create vital safety technology and impressive visual stunts alike.

Sent Into Space engineer working on a printed circuit board (PCB)


Our ruggedized flight computer is the brain and nervous system of all our flights. Encompassing our primary tracking system, telemetry platform and flight control systems, it allows us to monitor everything about our spacecraft's behaviour in flight and trigger custom events. All designed and manufactured in-house, we can build custom integrations for your hardware to provide power, activation and even remote control.

Most commercial products aren't designed for the extreme environment of near space. If you're looking to feature a working product in space, we can put the principles of aerospace engineering to use to discreetly modify your equipment to shield it from the environment and ensure continuous operation throughout a flight.

Sent Into Space software engineer looking at a monitor displaying lines of code in Python.


Done correctly, software is invisible. Our ability to model weather conditions, simulate in-flight behaviour of novel craft designs, and bridge mechanical and electronic systems to bring your ideas to life, are all thanks to our software engineering team's quiet efforts. Cutting-edge flight path prediction software is the key to our unbeaten record for successful launch and recovery. During the flight, our Telemetry, Tracking & Control software gives us constant communication with the craft, keeping our team informed and in control. And like all our systems, it's just waiting to be adapted for your specific needs.

We can share live positional data throughout the journey on custom digital maps, hosted on a dedicated landing page for your project—perfect for live events and scavenger hunt-style competitions. Want to trigger a complex series of interactions in flight, like controlling a games console remotely or conducting the world's first contactless transaction in space? Whatever you want to happen, we'll build the software and hardware to make it so.

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