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Sherpa goes to Space

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and what could be a greater present than a trip to the stars? Following in Sherpa’s footsteps (the famous canine YouTuber that is), we helped her fluffy counterpart—the limited edition Space Sherpa Plush—find their way into the cosmos. On a cool morning in Spring, Derbyshire, we launched the fluffy toy up into the stars. Here is the story of Sherpa’s journey.

Husky dog sitting by the beach with owner close by
Jamie and Sherpa by the beach

With a decade already behind the duo’s online presence, Sherpa’s channel documents the nomadic Vanlife of Jamie and his beloved husky, Sherpa. From glacial alp springs to the Scottish moors, Jamie and Sherpa have travelled extensively around this pale blue dot we call home. But Jamie had the itch to explore new turf that couldn’t quite be scratched with merely a van and his trusty companion - that’s where we stepped in.

When Jamie and Sherpa arrived at the Sent into Space office with a launch request, we knew just what to do (we gauged Sherpa’s intrigue with a couple of moonward howls and the offering of a paw, naturally).

With the space-themed Sherpa Plush in tow, our engineering and creative teams got the cogs rolling on an exciting launch to celebrate the channel’s mascot. Utilizing a custom-made plinth, our 4K HDR camera system, a balloon the size of Buckingham Palace at full expansion, and a couple of other essentials, we launched the Space Sherpa Plush into the skies.

Plush dog toy in open space

We used our tracking device to hunt down the cuddly canine as it descended from 35 kilometres into the atmosphere, plummeting to the Earth at top speeds that would rival Hamilton at the Grand Prix. Eventually, we located the toy in a field, all in one piece, even if it was frozen to its fluffy core (-70℃ will do that!).

After the launch, we compiled the footage of the plushie’s journey, supplemented with behind-the-scene footage of our tech team, launch attendees, and, in the spirit of Sherpa, some great content featuring the channel’s main star.

Husky dog plays with dog toy
Sherpa meets his plush toy counterpart

Besides the Space Sherpa Plush, we have sent all manner of miscellanea into space, from vodka that we managed to pour mid-flight, to a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Our tech team make the once impossible, possible, with a plethora of world firsts under their belt and the zeal to keep up the good shift with all manner of mechanical wizardry. Get in contact if you're interested in a space launch of your own.


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