Computer Aided Design and 3D modelling


Advanced manufacturing including novel additive and subtractive CNC technologies


Bespoke electronics and software for practical effects


Environmental optimisation of existing hardware

The secret to our success is no secret – our engineering team are simply the best. With specialists in mechanics, aerospace, electronics and software, we’re ready to take on any engineering challenge.​

When you’re leading the industry, there’s no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. That’s why we have a host of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies at our disposal for rapid prototyping and production. We design and manufacture most of our equipment in-house, drawing on an unrivalled wealth of experience of overcoming the extreme hostility of near space.

Some of our most exciting projects involve triggering an action in front of the camera at altitude. Rotating a plinth, waving a flag, releasing golden tickets for your services – if you think of it, we’ll make it happen. You can even control an item in flight from the comfort of our office, with our secure two-way Telemetry, Command and Control system.

Not everything needs to be designed from scratch – if you want to showcase a product’s functionality in space, we have a range of techniques to optimise existing technology for extreme environments without compromising on aesthetics. Check out our launch for Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi, where we hacked their Redmi Note 7 to take photos throughout its journey into space.

It’s rare that our internal capabilities don’t meet a challenge head-on, but for large-scale manufacturing and precision prop-building, we also have a network of trusted and talented contractors to achieve whatever visual and technical result you’re looking for. Get in touch today to discuss your engineering needs.