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Carter Sharer | Sending a Team RAR Plushie Into Space

Going by the name of Team RAR, an acronym for ‘Rare and Ridiculous’, and inspired by the Latin term ‘rara avis’ (meaning ‘rare bird’), this collection of friends create fun, engaging videos of their ‘adventures, challenges, experiments, and daily life.

Team RAR members, Carter Sharer, Lizzy Capri, and others.
Team RAR members by the beach

Annexed amongst the Hollywood hills, in Frank Sinatra’s former home, lies the heart of hijinks for a group of zany, Gen-Z Youtubers. Team RAR believes nobody should ever really grow up and through their content, they strive to challenge the impossible and inspire their audience to do the same.

In an exceptionally on-theme fashion, Team RAR joined forces with Sent into Space to make the once impossible, possible, by sending an exclusive, astronaut-themed, neon-green plushie to play amongst the stars. Here is how we helped them achieve this exciting challenge.

Planning Team RAR's space launch

We had all sorts of ideas for this launch bouncing around our headquarters, even the plan to steal another Team RAR member’s phone and send it up to space, but in the end, the Youtubers settled for a less prank-orientated, and more plushie-friendly, option.

Rocky golden hill in the Nevada Desert

To make their mark on a truly cosmic scale, we created an eye-catching, colourful backdrop for the cuddly toy as seen in the behind-the-scenes footage on our YouTube channel. Our team of engineers then put together a slick-looking plinth to house the fluffy guy. Mounted to a carbon-fibre frame, the plushie was ready to go.

Sent Into Space recovery team member looking out over the Nevada desert
Spacecraft recovery scout in the Nevada Desert

Where did Sent Into Space launch from?

We ventured all the way from workshop to aeroplane to the deserts of Nevada, Las Vegas, for this one. They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but that was certainly not the case for this Sent into Space and Team RAR collab. Scouring the desert like giant sand crabs on wheels, the jeep convoy scuttled across the sands to find a perfect spot. Beneath the blue skies of balmy springtime in Sin City, we launched the payload.

With the aid of one of our biodegradable weather balloons (expanding to the size of The White House at its peak) and our 4K HDR camera system, we captured the plushie’s journey from sandhills to 30km into the stratosphere above the Earth.

As always, our operatives were there at ground level to retrieve the platform, making sure that no specks of neon fluff, or any other litter, was left in sight. With the aid of some drones, a sizable recovery team, and some suspense-filled jaunts up the rocky desert hills, the crew found the package, rejoicing over the success of sending their merch into space. To give the project a slick finale, we compiled footage of the flight with some tasty behind-the-scenes content.

Team RAR plush toy in space
Here's the Team RAR plush in space!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

If you're a content creator or influencer interested in a space launch of your own, get in touch and we'll guide you through the entire launch process.


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