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Samsung Showcases Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera From Space

We partnered with Samsung and X (formerly Twitter) to launch the new flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra into space, testing the smartphone's cutting-edge camera capabilities in one of the harshest operating environments around.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in space capturing images of the Earth below

Throughout February, over a dozen S24 Ultra handsets were launched into space. The mission involved capturing space-to-Earth scenery from various locations across the Western United States, with flights over Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles and more. The devices managed to record extensive 8K video footage and capture thousands of jaw-dropping 200-megapixel photos at altitudes reaching 120,000ft.

Los Angeles captured from space
LA from space: captured by the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy's Space Campaign

Samsung used footage captured during the space launches to run a highly personalised social media campaign. X (formerly Twitter) users were invited to like a Post from Samsung offering the chance to claim their very own photos of Earth - up to 150 unique images - captured by an S24 Ultra from the stratosphere.

Images received by X users are stamped with altitude, focal length, aperture, lens, and resolution data corresponding to each photograph. Tens of thousands of Samsung followers interacted with the Post, with the videos going viral — accumulating over 100 million views.

Beyond X

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra billboards at Times Square

After seeing the success of their X Posts, Samsung opted to expand the campaign into a Times Square billboard takeover. A panorama of eye-catching digital billboards were leveraged to showcase content from the S24 Ultra space launch, continuing messaging from the previous X campaign while reaching hundreds of thousands more individuals visiting times square. Samsung also proliferated content from the space mission across their wider social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and on their webpage for the S24 Ultra.

More than just a publicity stunt, the environmental validation of the S24 Ultra served as a testament to the device's durability, battery life, screen brightness, and camera prowess. By sharing the images captured by the S24 Ultra, Samsung defied expectations and proved the handset's ability to perform in the most challenging environment. This unique activation resonated with consumers and their pockets, as the S24 Ultra device performed 22% better than the previous generation.

All of the content captured for the campaign, including the behind-the-scenes video, were filmed using the Galaxy S24's onboard cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy Spacecraft

Sent Into Space engineer working on the Samusung Galaxy spacecraft

Designing the Samsung Spacecraft

Sent Into Space engineers designed and manufactured multiple bespoke spacecraft for the Samsung project. Constructed with aerospace-grade carbon fibre to meet weight and structural requirements, the spacecraft were designed to carry the phones securely in an array around the spacecraft. We also housed our specialised camera systems designed to capture footage of the S24 Ultra phones as they operated in space.

Optimising S24 Ultra Devices for Space

Sent Into Space engineer mounting a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to a spacecraft

We identified through testing that temperatures exceeding -50C and the lack of air for heat conduction presented significant heat management challenges:

  1. The internal battery of the phone does not function optimally at extremely low temperatures.

  2. The phones were prone to overheating while image processing due to the absence of air, which required to conduct heat away from the device.

To ensure the S24 Ultra handsets' reliability in the harsh environment of space, we integrated controllable Peltier coolers into the phone mount, concealing them so as not to affect the aesthetic of the craft. This ensured that the phone batteries functioned properly in the extreme cold of space, and that the device did not overheat in the vacuum of space while image processing with the screens on full brightness.

Powering the S24 Ultra Phones in Space

Sent Into Space engineers reviewing a CAD render of the Samsung spacecraft

Powering the Samsung phones was our next task. We integrated auxiliary power supplies into the Samsung spacecraft so that we could support the technology if it required additional charge/voltage. Ultimately, however, the internal batteries were more than sufficient to provide power for the duration of the flight, so our power systems were ultimately unnecessary — a testament to Samsung's engineering.

Programming the phones

Our engineering team programmed a custom application which we loaded onto the phones. The app was designed to mimic user input to control the Samsung Expert Raw camera app. This enabled us to take photos throughout the flight, showcasing the different lenses, sensors, and image processing features (for example, switching between capturing RAW images and images leveraging Galaxy AI processing).

Get with the programme

Whether it's putting a product through its paces in the harsh vacuum of space, or creating a splash on social media, if you want to put your brand above the competition, set up a call with our team today.


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