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Forget fifteen minutes of fame, for Logan Paul it only took six seconds.

The former Vine star, now a YouTuber, boxer, and podcaster extraordinaire, is no stranger to a publicity stunt. When he launched his sports energy drink, ‘PRIME’, earlier in the year, the Youtuber explored quite a range of promotional strategies - filming a monkey appearing to steal the drink, pretending to be a castaway in need of quenching their thirst (replete with Momoa-esque facial hair), even catapulting his mate off a helicopter whilst they bellowed ‘Drink PRIME!’ into the winds.

When Logan approached Sent into Space with a new project we were keen to see what kind of launch we’d have on our hands.

Logan Paul's 99 Originals #83 'TO THE (HONEY) MOON' and a digital screen in space above the arid Nevada Desert.

What’s Logan Paul up to now?

Fresh on the trend, Logan Paul decided to release an exclusive range of polaroid NFTs, called ‘99 Originals’, documenting crucial locations and events from his life, all to be sold on Logan reached out to us to collaborate, and together we settled on Polaroid no.83 'TO THE (HONEY) MOON', featuring an astronaut - a pretty apt choice!

Logan Paul holding No.83 of 99 Originals Polaroid 'TO THE (HONEY) MOON', astronaut wedding crying bride

After some brainstorming, we developed the idea to send the polaroid up to the stars as well as a digital screen to air a personal message from the Youtuber at the flight’s peak. To build further hype for Logan’s NFT collection, the launch also included the opportunity for fans to win an exclusive piece of memorabilia. Watch no.83’s journey from deserted plains to the almost-void here:

How did we help promote Logan Paul’s new NFT range?

The Sent into Space directors and Head of Creative set off to Sandy Valley, Nevada, for this launch. On a sunny spring day, the Sent Into Space crew met with Logan Paul and his videography team, to send the iconic Polaroid into space. We built a custom spacecraft which included three on-board cameras, one a cutting-edge 360° camera to provide a jaw-dropping panoramic view, to document the journey fully.

Sent Into Space spacecraft over the arid Nevada Desert in space with Earth and space in the background

To turn everything up a notch, as well as assisting in the ease of the retrieval process, we utilised a helicopter for the launch’s recovery. By the end of the day not only had ‘no.83’ been to space and back, we had also captured some tasty ground content for the star’s Instagram page.

Dr Chris Rose and Logan Paul flying in a helicopter durng a spaceflight recovery

What happened following the launch of No.83?

No.83 eventually landed near Las Vegas. According to Logan Paul’s socials ‘whoever finds it, keeps it’. In the 48 hours following the launch, Logan Paul released a series of clues on his Discord account and Twitter (road signs, a rather zoomed-out pin drop, and some photographs taken closer to the site) hinting at its location to help the NFT scavengers on their hunt. The lucky winner was also to receive other perks such as a 1/99 membership and voting right in Originals DAO.

Sam finding Logan Paul's 99 Originals no.83 "TO THE (HONEY) MOON" in the Nevada Desert
The NFT, with an estimated value of $40,000, was found by a man named Sam, as pictured

Though we may be slightly biased, this is certainly one of the most creative approaches to NFTs that we have seen. Hold tight to see what Logan Paul gets up to next!

Where to next?

With over 1000 space launches under our belt, we’re no strangers to intergalactic missions. If you would like to send something into space, get in touch. We can put together something truly extraordinary to promote your business or service.


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