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Wacom graphic design tablet with Sent Into Space logo and hand holding stylus about its surface



While our primary focus is on videography and video editing, graphic design skills are also foundational for creating an impactful visual, and feed into our work in a number of different ways to maximise brand presence and content relevancy.

Watercolour concept art of Sent Into Space spacecraft with the album cover for Michael Bublé’s album 'Higher' on one side


From the moment you get in touch, our graphic designers begin creating concept artwork for the ‘hero shot’ and any feature presentations that will form the centrepiece of your campaign. Our engineering department have extensive prop building capabilities to create a unique and striking visual for your campaign. Whatever that presentation might be, it begins with a graphic design concept produced in collaboration between your team and our creative team at the start of your campaign journey.

Multiple designs of the Sent Into Space logo with branding guidlines written underneath


Our team offer a comprehensive brand visuals service, that extends from creating one-off logos, idents and graphics for a particular campaign, to expanding a range of assets based on an existing style guide, or even a complete redevelopment of your brand identity. We produce branded assets for use in print and digital applications, including social media profile images and banners.

Slurpee space delivery and 7Eleven logo decal in parking lot with a Slurpee mounted to a spacecraft ready for launch


Documenting the development and launch process and sharing behind-the-scenes video as part of your campaign is a great way to maximise brand presence. We can design and produce a range of physical merchandise and branded gear to incorporate into shots throughout your campaign videos. We manufacture vinyl decals or machined carbon-fibre cut-outs for branded launch vehicles, branded apparel (hoodies, caps, t-shirts and polos) for team members to wear on shoots and on launch and magnetic vehicle stickers.

Soft plush toy in space over Earth with head-up display (HUD) showing information


Play on the science-fiction feel of a space launch by adding branded ‘heads-up display’ graphical overlays to your hero videos. Graphical overlays allow you to deliver supplementary information about the feature item and the campaign—for a great example, check out our work for YouTube Originals sci-fi thriller Origin. Kinetic typography, CAD modelling and photorealistic CGI round out our suite of 2D and 3D design services.

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