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Xiaomi Redim Note 7 floating in space above Earth with cloud cover below




Promote the release of the Redmi Note 7 smartphone by showcasing its extreme battery life and stunning camera on a spaceflight.

Sent Into Space engineer drawing plans on a whiteboard


We took two handsets and integrated them into a bespoke launch vehicle that travelled over 100,000 feet above the Earth. One was exposed to the elements to test the handset’s durability and power retention, while the other was stored inside a secure XPS foam unit and set to take photos every 5 seconds throughout the flight using the phone’s 48MP dual camera.

Footage from the flight, unedited images captured from the phone and key talking points that demonstrate the phone’s performance (97% battery remaining after hours of exposure to -65°C temperatures and 0.3% pressure, nearly 2000 images captured throughout the flight) formed the backbone of a promotional video to showcase the phone on its introduction to UK markets.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 in space top of flight with earth in background


  • National news coverage including BBC, Financial Times, Wired UK, Stuff, T3, Tech Advisor & Evening Standard

  • 4 million cross-platform views

  • Most organic views on a Facebook video for Xiaomi to date

"Working with Sent Into Space was an absolute pleasure. From the get go, the SIS team understood our brief and realised our vision of launching a phone into space with out-of-this-world results! The execution was seamless; planning, launch and creative delivery exceeded our expectations. We're delighted to bring this story to our customers, thanks to the hard work of the entire Sent Into Space team."

Alex Wu, UK Sales and Marketing Director, Xiaomi

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