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Giant Tic Tac with an embedded screen in space, Planet Earth in the backdrop




Capitalise on widespread press coverage of ‘Tic Tac-shaped UFO’ sightings in newly declassified US Air Force & CIA records.

Scale model Tic Tac mounted on spacecraft at Sent Into Space headquarters


We invited Tic Tac followers to submit messages they would send to aliens through Tic Tac social media channels. These messages were displayed in space on a bespoke model spacecraft, called the Intergalactictac, with an integrated digital screen and 100 packs of unique space Tic Tacs onboard to give away to fans following the launch.

Giant Tic Tac in space with screen displaying green text


  • 2.5 million impressions

  • 1,057% increase in social media interaction

"The team at Sent Into Space was fully on board with our vision and brought it to new levels… throughout the process, the team was collaborative, informative, kind and extremely professional. Sent INto Space made it possible for Tic Tac® to soar to new heights, and we are forever grateful.​"

Neal Finkler, Senior Director of Marketing, Tic Tac

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