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Blueprints of spacecraft components from a Sent Into Space vehicle


Prop Production

Our work leverages the awesome power of space to excite and inspire your customers—but once we’re up there, distilling your message to a powerful image that lives up to the beauty of the surroundings is a challenge. Creating a fitting ‘feature item’, the focus of your hero shot, is a task our prop production team are well equipped to tackle.

We offer an end-to-end prop production service, including design, sourcing, manufacturing and finishing. We can modify and enhance your existing products, customise off-the-shelf or generic models and components to match your branding, or design and build from scratch.

Scale model of the Rick and Morty Space Cruiser with a screen embedded in the dashboard of the spaceship


Manufacturing methods fall into one of three categories. Additive processes take a base framework and apply new material to create a form; subtractive processes remove material from a block of stock material; transformative processes subject a material to physical, environmental and chemical changes to modify shape, texture and form.

Our prop development process utilises all three methods, combining age-old crafting practices like carving and sculpting with cutting-edge small-scale manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing, CNC milling, injection moulding and vacuum forming. What’s more, we can work in a variety of materials, both natural and synthetic, to create lifelike realism at any scale. Check out this incredible model of the spaceship from Rick & Morty, which we used to debut the Series 5 premiere in space.

HyperX’s Orbit Cloud S headphones mounted on a transparent headphone stand in space with the Earth in the background


Adding a dynamic element to a feature presentation on a flight can turn a single compelling image into an exciting unfolding narrative. Our engineers can build animatronic models and bespoke dynamic sculptures from scratch, or integrate mechanical elements into existing products to bring a static object to life—see how we showcased HyperX’s Cloud Orbit S headphones by putting them on a rotating pedestal.

Blendjet blending a smoothie in space with head-up display (HUD) graphical overlay displaying speed, altitude and time, with Earth in the background


We’re frequently challenged by clients to demonstrate their product functioning in space. Our engineering team are practiced at hardware optimisation and ruggedization, modifying products to operate remotely in the extreme environment of space. For example, we helped BlendJet demonstrate the power and convenience of their portable blenders by making the world’s first space smoothie on a flight.

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