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White wedding dress with lace upper floating in space with Planet Earth in the background and thick cloud cover




Show a wedding dress floating in the vacuum of space for an NYT and Arts Council award-winning artist.

Cover of Happy Ending Happy Ever After by Sophie Molins


Filmmaker Sophie Molins’ work explores themes of ritual, and expectation of change. Happy Ending, Happy Ever After is a film documenting a series of interactions with wedding dresses, scored by Oscar-winning composer Michael Nyman, CBE. Sophie asked us to film a wedding dress dancing in space, playing on the juxtaposition of the Earth as a symbol of unity and the empty vacuum as a reminder of our existential solitude.

We built a lightweight mannequin for the dress and suspended it from above, giving it an ethereal presence in the wide-angle shots used to capture the entire body of the dress during its flight. We used the natural turbulence of the descent to bring motion and life to the final presentation.

Wedding dress floating through open space with Sun and cloud covered Earth in background


  • Exhibited at the prestigious Venice Biennale art festival

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