We were approached by Sony Music to make a music video for one of their upcoming stars Kelvin Jones. His 2014 single "Call You Home" became a viral hit gaining him over a million views on YouTube, with a video simply showing Kelvin, a guitar and his voice. When Sony Music signed him to their label, they knew his first ever music video had to match his powerful song. 

The concept for the video was straightforward: Kelvin, singing the song, on a TV set in space. It descends to Earth, as if it has been 'called home', landing in his living room. Was it all a dream? 


While simple in concept, the execution was anything but! Naturally we picked a vintage Sony TV to send into space, which required extensive modification to make sure it could survive the extreme temperatures and pressures on its flight whilst remaining beautiful and stable in shot.


We built a living room set in Snowdonia National Park, where the launches took place, and filmed a launch in reverse to create the illusion of the television set gently descending and landing on Kelvin's coffee table. Thanks to excellent planning, the hardest part on the day was Kelvin learning to lipsync his song backwards! The project took two launches to gather the required angles, with the final shot of the music video being captured by drone.

The video has gathered over 1.5 million views on YouTube alone and set Kelvin on his way to a bright future with the record label.