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Sending That Peter Crouch Podcast into space to #passthepod

We’re Sent Into Space, a space flight company who specialise in sending things into space for scientific research, promotional marketing stunts and educational projects. You might have seen us before for sending a pie into space, or when we filmed an eclipse from space for the BBC.

We have a couple of big fans of the Peter Crouch podcast in our team and when we heard about the campaign to #passthepod and spread the word to new listeners, we couldn’t resist. Plus, we really want to find out what this ‘reward’ is for the best attempt to promote the show!

Without further ado, here’s the video:

We sent the infamous photo of Premier League footballer, Peter Crouch and alongside a very friendly Alsatian into space on one of our launch vehicles, which travel to space on a hydrogen-filled balloon. Rising through the atmosphere into the region known as Near Space over 100,00 feet above sea level, the balloon expands to the size of a terraced house before bursting and dropping the craft to parachute back to Earth. Our team can predict the flight path of the balloon and track it in the air, allowing us to recover it after it lands.

The flight looks calm enough, but the conditions are incredibly hostile to human life, with air pressure less than 0.5% than at sea level and temperatures as low as -60°C. However, it’s all worth it for the incredible views of the Earth suspended in the black nothingness of space, our atmosphere reduced to a brilliant blue haze just visible above the curving horizon of our planet.

Launching a camera into space on a balloon is an amazing way to capture the Earth from a new perspective. We’ve conducted over 500 flights from sites all across the globe, so if you want to see more, check out our YouTube channel and Instagram for loads more amazing imagery from the edge of space. You can even have your ashes scattered in space with our sister company Aura Flights!


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