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Music in space

Over the years we've worked with a whole host of musicians and performers who wanted to send their albums into space. Today, we're giving you the lowdown on some of the top tracks we've launched over 30km above the Earth.


One of the godfathers of thrash metal, Metalica's latest album Hardwired... to Self-Destruct was released in 2016 after the longest break in the band's history. Universal Music Belgium wanted to do something spectacular to mark the launch of the album, so they asked us to launch the album cover along with a speaker playing the tracks. The video would be shown live via Facebook to Metallica fans across Belgium and would be their first taste of most of the music.

Our team members were among fewer than 100 people worldwide who got to hear the album before the official release and our office's metal fans particularly enjoyed Now That We're Dead, which would become one of the album's standout singles.

Kelvin Jones

Kelvin is a classic singer-songwriter with a lovely voice. Call You Home, in which he petitions a lover about taking their relationship to the next level, was his breakout hit, charting around the world and securing his first record label contracts. This song is infectiously catchy and you'll often hear the chorus hummed around our office.

Our launch for Kelvin was a real technical challenge. We had to modify a classic portable TV to keep it working in the harsh conditions of Near Space as well as do significant work on the ground to get the perfect landing shot. However, we think you'll agree it was worth it!

Mystery Jets

Every week we get comments and emails from Flat Earth nutters - in frankly worrying amounts - so when indie band Mystery Jets contacted us about their new album, Curve of the Earth, we have to admit we felt a little trepidation. After all, musicians can be a kooky bunch. Were they trying to disprove 'mainstream' (i.e. correct) science? Luckily, they just wanted us to take a banging picture for their album cover.

Mystery Jets' music is influenced by 70s and 80s psychedelic and prog rock, two genres which had a particular fascination with space and space travel, so it's a fitting choice of image for an album cover. The opening track and lead single, Telomere, has made its way onto our recovery playlist - a vaunted accolade!


Electronic music makers are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting and using new technologies. When KOVEN and their record label Monstercat approached us to launch their new EP, we knew we had to achieve something as technically impressive and impactful as their music.

360° filming technology has made huge strides forward in recent years and we've been racing to adapt that technology for our space flights. We sent up Reality Reach, held by Monstercat's mascot, on our very latest 360° filming setup. Now you can check out every track from the EP set to awesome footage from the flight!

We've worked with plenty of other artists in our time and it's always a fun challenge and a pleasure to celebrate creativity. If you're looking for ways to share your music with the world or send a message about your brand, get in touch!


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