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How to shoot for the moon

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to get our hands on a brilliant book by Professor Richard Wiseman. If that name sounds familiar, it's probably because he's everywhere. By day, Richard is Professor of Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, but he's also the host of several multi-million YouTube channels exploring science, psychology and magic, he's presented a number of TV shows and of course, he's a bestselling author.

His latest work, Shoot for the Moon, is a unique take on a business advice book. Rather than taking inspiration from the work of notable CEOs and entrepreneurs, or drawing on the insight of actors, artists and creatives, Professor Wiseman was inspired by the work of the Mission Control team who helped land a man on the moon almost fifty years ago today.

If you had to guess what the Mission Control team looked like, you'd probably be wrong. With an average age of just 26 and mostly from working-class backgrounds, the mission control team didn't succeed because they had the best education, natural talents, a wealth of experience or even good luck. They succeeded, according to Richard, because of the key principles that guided their decision-making process.

While our launches might not go as high as the moon, we're always experimenting and improving using a method very much like the one described in Richard's book. So naturally, we had to launch it into space to help him promote it.

Fun fact: that clonk on the head was completely unplanned and very funny. To find out more about how you can "shoot for the moon", pick up a copy today.


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