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Sending a Lego Roller Coaster Into Space With Half-Asleep Chris

Lego space roller coaster set in space with Earth in the background, launched for Half Asleep Chris

YouTuber Half-Asleep Chris, known for his creative Lego builds, teamed up with Sent Into Space to launch a custom-built Lego roller coaster into space, capturing the incredible journey for Chris's millions of followers.

Half-Asleep Chris Takes His Lego Builds to New Heights

Chris came to us with a truly out-of-the-box challenge. He envisioned a Lego roller coaster spacecraft, and we were thrilled to help him make it happen.

The goal was to send this custom-built Lego roller coaster to the stratosphere equipped with multiple cameras to capture the cart travelling around the coaster, and a 360 camera to capture the journey from all angles. Once at altitude, motors would activate, making it the first-ever Lego roller coaster to operate in space.

Building the Lego Space Roller Coaster Set and Spacecraft

Sent Into Space Engineer Mounting 360 Camera on the Lego Roller Coaster Space Craft

Sent Into Space engineers worked closely with Chris to design and build a bespoke spacecraft that could safely carry the Lego coaster and withstand the harsh conditions of the stratosphere.

Our team started by making several modifications to the roller coaster set. First, we replaced the Lego base with a custom carbon fibre platform, integrating 3D-printed pieces for precise column placement. To further secure the parts, we had to break the rules... glueing Lego pieces together to ensure they would survive the harsh conditions of space.

We also had to substitute the Lego motors with our space-capable motors. After a few tests, we discovered that this resulted in occasional derailments due to increased motor torque. To solve this, we 3D-printed additional grips for the cart's underside, this helped the carts to lock onto the rails. After mounting cameras and final adjustments, the Lego space coaster was ready for launch.

Launching the Lego Roller Coaster into Space

The Lego Roller Coaster Space Craft Taking off into the Blue Sky with Clouds

Launch day arrived, and with a collective breath held, we sent Chris's Lego roller coaster skyward. A high-altitude balloon carried the payload into space. At 24 kilometres the motors kicked in and the coaster successfully completed 24 laps in the stratosphere.

The Lego roller coaster completing 24 laps in space with Earth in the background

The Lego Space roller coaster reached a staggering altitude of 31 kilometres, offering stunning views of Earth from the edge of space before beginning its descent. After the craft landed safely back on Earth, our team recovered all the components and brought them back to our facilities, minimising the environmental impact of the launch.

A Space Adventure for Everyone

Chris's YouTube video documenting the entire project is a must-watch for Lego enthusiasts and space lovers alike. Chris along with Dan, who has been helping Chris with his projects recently, blend humour, ingenuity, and awe-inspiring visuals into this awesome watch:

Making Your Dreams a Reality

At Sent Into Space, we're passionate about pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Chris's Lego roller coaster project is a testament to our commitment to helping people experience the wonder of space in unique and unforgettable ways.

Do you have a crazy, out-of-this-world idea? We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch today and let's discuss how we can make your space project a reality.


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