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Brussels to space via the Grand Place

It's not every day the Minister for Tourism in Brussels lets you go up the oldest building in the most famous square in Belgium. We were absolutely privileged to be allowed this exclusive level of access to the world UNESCO heritage site dating back to the 1400s.

Having tested ground conditions in the main square of the Grand Place, and found too much cross wind risking damaging the 17th Century Gothic buildings we approached the Minister for Tourism himself who suggested letting us try to get above the buildings... up the main tower of the Town Hall - built in 1402. Members of the public are not permitted to go inside the Town Hall and climb the building - the Minister himself had never been up the spire but he found a way to grant us exclusive access so that we could explore the possibility of launching into space from the Grand Place.

We are the first team to launch into space right from the city centre of Brussels and are excited that the launch looked as spectacular as it did. We're also extremely grateful to the Minister for Tourism and the team that looked after us while we were there. Brussels is a fantastic city to visit and there are hundreds of things to do, from waffles to Belgian fries, through to the incredible beers and nightlife.


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