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Aerial Photography with FPV Drone

Aerial photography is an art form with a long history, but the game has been completely changed in recent years by the mass commercial availability of camera drones. Taking pictures from the air is useful in a number of industries, from cinematography and filmmaking through agricultural monitoring, site surveying and security. But when anyone can pick up a drone for a few hundred pounds and start flying and filming from their back garden, it’s easy to imagine that professional drone pilots might be facing stiff competition.

Louis Houiller is here to prove otherwise. A pro drone pilot specialising in drone FPV, or first-person video flying, his work offers a spectacular view from the air which lets the viewer get closer than ever to the sensation of really flying through the sky. Combining the aesthetic considerations of professional cinematography with the technical skills of a speed racer and pilot, Louis’ work is at the bleeding edge where art and engineering meet—just like us! Check out his incredible flying skills in our latest video:

While we have several qualified drone pilots on our team, we’re not ashamed to say that Louis’ skills put ours to shame. For that reason, we’re excited to announce that he’s joining the exclusive group of our creative partners. Working with talented independent creatives like Louis allows us to offer an incredible movie-studio-quality video production service while keeping our focus on the supreme technical challenge that is conducting a space launch. FPV drone footage marries perfectly with our space flight videos for an awe-inspiring view of the Earth from every altitude.

To find out more about our video production services and how we can use drone and space flight footage to create an attention-grabbing marketing campaign that’s sure to help your brand stand out, check out our work and get in touch today.


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