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Space Sunset | Capturing a Sunset From Space in 360 Video

What does a sunset look like from space? Pretty breath-taking, we think you’ll find. Nearing the end of 2022, the SIS team travelled to one of our UK-based launch sites to send a camera into space during a spectacular sunset. We captured the sunset from ground level to high above the clouds in stunning 6k 360 video.

Watch as the spacecraft journeys into the stratosphere, climbing up past a band of amber clouds lit by the sun’s rays, all the way to the black abyss above our planet’s glowing horizon. As the spacecraft passes the Armstrong Limit, webs of city lights can be seen clearly, as well as Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter; illuminated in the inky blackness of space.

We’ve even made 360 space hyperlapse videos of a solar eclipse, the Grand Canyon, Michigan Lakes, and Arizona!

360 hyperlapse spaceflight

Sent into Space are proud to say that we filmed the world’s first hyperlapse spaceflight in 360° and we cannot wait to capture even more stunning footage of magnificent sunsets and sunrises in the years to come. There is something truly special about the footage we capture. It really is an honour to bear witness to these kinds of natural wonders, especially in 360 video!

Facts about sunsets

  • Sunsets and sunrises are brighter after a rainstorm

  • The golden hour is even more vibrant in deserts and islands

  • What we see in the sky is refraction of the sun’s rays - the sun has already dipped below the horizon!

  • Pollution makes the colours of sunsets and sunrises appear brighter (and murkier too - the sunsets in polluted cities are more cloudy compared to rural, less industrial areas)

  • As the sun begins to set it loses its blue hues - ever noticed the sun appears to turn orangey red as it dips out of sight?

  • Sunsets look great (objectively so)

Where was your most beautiful sunset sighting?

Perhaps, one day we’ll go there too! Sent into Space are always keen for another excursion to the stars and back. We’re far from a one trick pony - we offer a range of services from video production to extreme environment endurance testing.

If you’d like to showcase your product or service in space, or further your space research, perhaps with a sunset serving as an impressive backdrop, please get in touch today.


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