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Bottle of Jameson space-aged whiskey floating in space with Earth in the background




Help Jameson convince people that they were launching a new line of ‘space-aged whiskey’ as an April Fool’s Day prank.

Bottle of Jamesons Space-Aged whiskey on a bar table next to whiskey glass


We built a bespoke launch vehicle incorporating Jameson branding and launched a bottle of their flagship whiskey into space. The bottles had joke labels matching the traditional Jameson design, advertising their ‘space-aged’ quality.

On the launch day, we invited the Jameson team to attend the launch and recovery to create an extensive behind-the-scenes documentary for once the true nature of the stunt was revealed.

Further to the hero flight, we also launched a number of cargo flights carrying additional bottles of whiskey into space, which were subsequently distributed to influencers and mixologists at some of the world’s most exclusive clubs, creating a prestige drinking experience to elevate the brand’s reputation as a premium beverage.

Bottle of Jameson space-aged whiskey in space with uplighting from beneath


  • 9 million cross-channel views

  • 45,000 email signups

  • Jameson’s most successful social campaign to date, garnering a personal congratulations to the marketing team from Pernod Ricard himself.

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