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Iceland chicken nugget floating in open space above earth




Celebrate 50 years of Iceland and raise awareness of their status as the UK’s top seller of chicken nuggets.

Iceland chicken nugget floating in open space with glowing earth in background


Iceland asked us to launch a chicken nugget into space to mark their 50th anniversary of trading. As the biggest retailer of chicken nuggets in the UK, beating Aldi and Tescos for the crispy, bite-sized crown, it made sense for Iceland to launch the nation's favourite chicken nugget.

From a site in rural Wales, the nugget travelled through the Earth’s atmosphere to an altitude of 110,000 feet (that’s 33.5km) where it floated in the region known as Near Space. Being a frozen nugget, it was unbothered by the low pressure and the extremely cold temperatures, which drop as low as -65°C!



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