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Blendjet portable blender blending a smoothie in space with head-up display (HUD) graphical overlay displaying speed, altitude and time, with Earth in the background




Blend the first ever smoothie made in open space to promote the release of the Blendjet 2.

Engineer looking at blueprint of a spacecraft on a screen


We took a BlendJet 2 portable blender and built a bespoke mounting system to send it into space on one of our launch vehicles. We bypassed the Blendjet’s trigger mechanism to allow our flight computer to activate the rotors in space, as well as embedding concealed heating mechanisms in the base of the device to ensure the contents remained in a liquid state despite ambient temperatures as low as −60°C!

Sent Into Space engineer holding part of a spacecraft with mounted feature item


  • Over 4 million views across Facebook, Insta and YouTube

  • TV News and Light Entertainment coverage in 100+ countries worldwide

  • 1000s of print and digital media mentions

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