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Aerial perspective of Earth from a 360 camera in space with Slurpee drinks surrounding the shot




Celebrate 7-Eleven’s 94th birthday & promote 7NOW delivery service by delivering their iconic beverage via space.

7-Eleven astronaut street art on wall


We travelled to Michigan, the state where the most Slurpees are consumed, to conduct a series of launches. Our hero flight showcased a Coke Slurpee, the most popular variety, poured in-store at a 7-Eleven moments before launch.

A second launch presented seven limited-edition reusable aluminium cups bearing unique space branding, around a 360° camera on a bespoke 7-Eleven craft. Finally, we launched 100 plastic drinks cups on a cargo flight for distribution to brand followers.

Slurpee in space with earth in background


  • 67,000 views on Instagram

  • National and industry press coverage including, Tech Times and Convenience Store News

"We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Sent Into Space Team as they played an integral role in helping us deliver a Slurpee drink to Space! Their team’s knowledge and expertise helped us create an innovative campaign and achieve our goals as we elevate our delivery business, 7NOW. We appreciate the partnership and had a blast taking our iconic Slurpee drink to the edge of Space!"

Paige Jones, Senior Director of Brand Strategy, 7-Eleven

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