• Dr Alex Baker

VR 360 Space Flight | Arizona from space

Our latest video takes you on board one of our space capable weather balloon up to over 100k ft. Experience what it feels like to float in space on board a flight to the stratosphere in glorious 360 video.

Our VR 360 space flight is produced by launching 6 modified GoPros into space and stitching them together to create this 360 space panorama. Launched near Tucson Arizona, the launch vehicle travels to the edge of space over the course of 2 hours hitting extreme low temperatures and pressures in the vacuum of near space. The aerial video takes you through the stages of the launch along with an overlay showing the flight data during that portion of the flight.

Our 360 VR technology has come a long way since we recorded this flight. To see the latest visit our 360 page.

Our unparalleled 360° footage allows you to give your audience the experience of floating 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. If you need to stand out among the crowd at a tradeshow, exhibition or public event, nothing draws in crowds like the promise of their very own virtual spacewalk. Compatible with various technologies such as Google Cardboard, HTC Vive or Occulus Rift or even just simply using a smartphone to look around you, 360 gives an immersive experience allowing you to really appreciate what the Earth looks like from the edge of space.