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Taking Bublé Higher (and winning a Grammy)

The contemporary king of the crooners, Michael Bublé, premiers his new album’s title track, Higher, in a rather unusual domain… space. In a literal realisation of the new LP’s title, Bublé teamed up with Sent Into Space to promote his new music video in truly out-of-this-world fashion.

How did ‘Higher’ play among the stars?

In order to send the album into space, our engineers designed and built a bespoke, Bublé-branded spacecraft from carbon fibre and cutting-edge 3D printed components. The ‘launch vehicle’ included a digital display capable of operating in the extreme environment of space and two high dynamic range 4K cameras to capture the message and music video from Michael.

With the aid of a hydrogen balloon expanding to the height of the White House at full expansion, as well as some other essentials, the spacecraft travelled all the way past ‘The Armstrong Limit’ — the boundary to Near Space, defined as the point at which atmospheric pressure is too low for a human to survive without protection. This is because pressure affects the boiling point of water and, above roughly 62,000 feet, the natural heat of a human body is enough to cause water to boil. In other words, beyond the Armstrong Limit, a human being without a space suit will feel the water in their body begin to boil!

Spacecraft spaceship with screen and legs
Prototype of the spacecraft we launched for this project

Not pausing for breath, the launch vehicle travelled to around 110,000 feet above the Earth’s surface at its peak, above over 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere and exposed to ambient temperatures of around -65℃. At this point, in view of the stunning vista of the Earth curving away below and the blackness of space above, the flight computer activated the display, sharing a personal message from Michael to fans followed by a playthrough of the video for Higher.

After the music video had aired, accompanied by in-post audio (after all, in the almost-vacuum of space there is no sound), the contraption plummeted back down at around 200mph before a parachute opened to slow its descent.

A dual-network telemetry and tracking system onboard the flight allowed Sent into Space to track the craft throughout its journey, and the company’s launch recovery team located the spacecraft just moments after it touched down in a remote area of the British countryside.

Why send the album into space?

Michael said that the album was a time to open himself up to “trying new things…every moment felt magical or that the universe was conspiring to bring [him] to this moment in time 20 years into this amazing ride.” As a massive fan of Star Wars, Neil Degrasse Tyson and all things celestial, a release in space was a perfect match for both Michael Bublé and his exciting new album.

As the opening lines of Higher played out, with the singer’s dulcet tones singing “you take a moment make it magic”, the Earth’s atmosphere a mere blue haze on the horizon, it is hard not to associate the spectacle with the timeless charm of the singer himself.

There’s something about a high-production, string-heavy track replete with violin trills, dramatic keys, and a driving tango beat that seems to fit hand in glove with a trip to the stars. With echoes of Sinatra meets Camila Cabello’s Havana, it is clear that Bublé is back and creating the kind of music he is known best for.

higher album cover used for spacecraft branding
Album cover of "Higher"

'Higher' earns Michael Bublé his 12 Grammy award

Michael Bublé was awarded his 12th Grammy for ‘Higher’ in the category of “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album”, coming in higher, so to speak, than albums recently released by Kelly Clarkson, Norah Jones, Pentatonix, and Diana Ross.

The Canadian superstar remarked, “Huge thank you to the incredible team who created this record with me. I honestly feel this is the best album I’ve ever made, making the recognition from the academy members that much more meaningful.” It’s no surprise after the glowing reviews the album has received.

We’re proud to have helped promote such a wonderful, award-winning record and wish Michael Bublé all the best for his future projects.

Who features on Michael Bublé's 'Higher' album?

It is a rare thing for an artist to stand the test of time, especially one with a love for keeping the standards alive, but Michael Bublé is one artist that certainly has succeeded in doing so. With the album’s first release, I’ll Never Not Love You, an immediate success, there is no doubt that the follow up original track will be riding high.

The new track is the second of three originals on the new album, with features from the likes of Willie Nelson on his song Crazy, as well as a production team boasting an array of music’s finest - Bob Rock, Greg Wells, Allen Chang, Jason ‘Spicy G’ Goldman and Sir Paul McCartney.

How can I listen to Michael Bublé‘s new LP Higher?

Higher, the 11th studio album from the multi-Grammy winning artist, will be released on March 25th on Warner Records / Reprise Records. The album will be available on all major music streaming platforms. Watch Michael Bublé‘s new single:

For a glimpse of the real deal, the artist will be playing at an array of exquisite locations for his UK leg of the 2022 tour. There is still the chance to see ‘Higher’ live this summer at venues such as Hatfield House, Warwick Castle, and the Spitfire Grounds in Canterbury.

If this promotion opportunity seems like something you might want to explore, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have an array of different launches under our belt, and are always keen for another jaunt to the stars.


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